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Monitor Articles for March 26, 2013

Taiwan earthquake: 6.0 magnitude earthquake sways buildings
In Gear 2014 Cadillac CTS: a leap forward for American luxury cars
Colorado medical pot system lacks oversight, plagued by money woes
What's behind the rebounding economy?
Obamacare will increase insurance payouts 32 percent, study claims
Facebook goes red for same-sex marriage — even for Senator Warner
Indiana's expansive school voucher program upheld: A model for others?
Angelina Jolie's gold ring pulls focus from Congolese rape survivors
Watch out, Harry Potter: New invisibility cloak (mostly) works
Both sides of gay marriage fight agree: today was historic (+video)
Pope Francis chooses guest room over luxurious papal apartments
Tim Johnson retirement boosts GOP hopes to take back Senate (+video)
Drug dogs need a warrant to sniff at your door, Supreme Court rules (+video)
Endangered tigers find refuge in massive new Indian park
Secret Service gets first-ever female director: Who is she? (+video)
Why new law makes North Dakota most anti-abortion state
In Gear Fuel from carbon dioxide: Is it too good to be true?
Ungoogleable? Google tells Sweden 'ogooglebar' can't be a word.
Stocks rise on surge in home prices
Bestselling books the week of 3/24/13, according to IndieBound*
On Prop. 8, Supreme Court gives few hints of sweeping gay marriage ruling
Gun control: Public support is waning, poll finds
The Monitor's View What we can do about income inequality
Deke Richards dies, Richards wrote classics for Jackson 5, Diana Ross (+video)
Africa Monitor For refugees in South Sudan, a transit camp becomes a long-term home
T-Mobile, dubbing itself the 'un-carrier,' will offer a no-contract iPhone
Monitor Breakfast House Democrat lauds GOP's 'new openness' on immigration reform
Culture Cafe Kellie Pickler: 'DWTS' jazz routine performance well received (+video)
The Simple Dollar The financial mistake 25 percent of America makes
Monitor Breakfast Homeland Security seeks student hackers to help counter cyberthreats
Chapter & Verse 'Bonnet rippers'? Amish romances are only gaining in popularity
Energy Voices Do high natural gas prices mean the shale boom is ending?
USA Update Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, tussles with gun store, sea lion
Sales taxes for all online purchases? Resistance in House is strong.
Arrests darken hopes for Zimbabwe despite new constitution
Energy Voices A look at clean coal technology in the 21st century (Sponsor content)
Next big thing in gun control? 7 questions about mandatory gun insurance.
Yahoo scoops up Summly, aims to transform mobile news
Modern Parenthood New Zealand mom vs. Norway mom: Who leaves a child unattended?
Energy Voices Will nanowires provide a breakthrough for solar power efficiency?
Is border security a 10, or just a 2? Why lawmakers want a rating system.
Kansas House pushes for approval of Keystone XL pipeline
Virgil Trucks dies: Former Tigers pitcher hurled pair of no-hitters in same season
Stalin’s Curse: Battling for Communism in War and Cold War
Global News Blog Afghanistan car bomb injures British troops, underscores transition hurdles (+video)
Energy Voices Cyprus bailout: Russia misses chance for natural gas
Why has Moscow gone silent about Russian money in Cyprus? (+video)
Cruise ship death: FBI investigate suspicious Royal Caribbean death
Dog sniff unconstitutional? Supreme Court rules drug dog sniffs constitute illegal search
Monitor Breakfast Say what! Janet Napolitano doesn't use e-mail? It 'just sucks up time.'
USA Update Anthony Lewis dies: Pioneering journalist gave legal writing a storyline
Politics of gay marriage: How close is GOP to changing its stand?
North Korea targets Hawaii, Guam in latest threat (+video)
Crystal Bowersox: Broadway debut for American Idol contestant (+video)
Monitor Breakfast Janet Napolitano answers critics of new TSA rules for knives on airplanes
Can Mexico's vigilante militias trade ski masks for police badges?
As Arms Trade Treaty nears vote at UN, critics in US see a 'gun grab'
Paper Economy Case-Shiller: Home prices up slightly in January
Report: Sanctions may be speeding Iran's nuclear advancement
'Cheers, America': 6 thoughts from a British writer on the differences between the US and UK
Chapter & Verse National Geographic teams with Bill O'Reilly again for 'Killing Jesus' adaptation
Opinion I'd rather have employees who don't just 'lean in,' but are 'all in'
Change Agent BMe helps black men make a positive difference in their communities
Reader recommendation: The Hobbit
Culture Cafe Will Smith on 'Django Unchained': He explains why he turned down Jamie Foxx's role
Modern Parenthood Sexting, parental monitoring, laissez-faire content approach: Aussie teens sound off
Stir It Up! Butternut squash and crispy sage savory tart
Opinion Beyond the sequester: The merits – and flaws – of Obama's preschool plan
Kelly gun purchase: Husband of Gabrielle Giffords's AR-15 purchase cancelled
As China's Xi Jinping visits, Africa asks: What are we getting out of this?
In surprise move, Vietnam asks citizens for public comment on their constitution
Culture Cafe 'Revolution' recap: What will that character's death mean for the show?
Mexico City earthquake: Country rattled by 5.5 earthquake (+video)
Target stabbing incident leaves three injured in Pa. (+video)
Focus Michael Bloomberg as counterweight to NRA: What are his chances?
Dionne Warwick bankruptcy: Singer has $10.7 million in debt
Online dating on the go: Apps shake up traditional dating websites
Gay marriage: Prop. 8 seems a relic of different era in California
Italian court ruling could extend Amanda Knox murder case for years (+video)
North Korea high alert: Just more saber rattling?
Harmful suggestions: a health care dilemma
Terrorism & Security Rebels capture strategic no man's land: Syria's seat at the Arab League
Focus Gun-control debate: How does Bloomberg stack up against the NRA?
Deke Richard dies, leaves legacy of 'Jackson 5' songs (+video)
In Gear An app to end traffic jams?