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Monitor Articles for March 25, 2013

Sens. Claire McCaskill, Mark Warner announce support for gay marriage
Cyprus orders banks closed until Thursday to avoid panicked withdrawals
$338M jackpot winner will use the winnings to help his family
Gay marriage battle heats up in Illinois
Oscars schedule announced: Awards dodge Olympics broadcast
Could Google Glass be banned for drivers before it hits stores?
Cosmic crash 2022: Space probes will smash into asteroid in nine years
Drones: Not just for war anymore?
L.A. mall evacuated: What caused the bomb scare?
Answer to mystery of Pluto's moons could depend on 2015 flyby (+video)
Google Glass already has some lawmakers on high alert
Coming out: How Sen. Rob Portman’s gay son charted his path
Scientists examine nothing, find something
In Gear Tesla Motors to expand Model S electric car 'Supercharger' network
Windows Blue: Screenshots, whispers, and the promise of a fresher OS
Energy Voices Did climate change cause the Syrian uprising?
USA Update Why Obama, a Christian, hosts a Passover seder each year at White House
Stocks fall despite Cyprus deal
The Monitor's View In Cyprus rescue, EU steps on a basic freedom
Culture Cafe James Franco: What hasn't he done?
2-headed shark fetus discovered by fisherman
Tubby Smith fired by Minnesota, day after NCAA tournament loss
With plan to save Cyprus, EU bureaucrats prescribe long-term pain
A 9-year-old girl survives car crash, walks two miles to get Dad help
'Game of Thrones' Season 2: Take the quiz
Change Agent Threshing mills make life less of a grind for West African women
Opinion Texas legislators must do their jobs – and not allow concealed guns on campus
Tiger No. 1, again: Woods wins Bay Hill
The Book of My Lives
Backchannels US-ally Bahrain blocks medical ethics conference
Gay marriage: How Supreme Court cases could end with a whimper (+video)
Bioshock Infinite review roundup
Reader recommendation: Close to the Bone
Bailout deal leaves many Cypriots apprehensive about future
Tax VOX Supreme Court gay marriage case: What does DOMA mean for taxes?
My Chemical Romance disbands after decade-plus (+video)
Modern Parenthood $338 million ticket: When parents buy and lose, their kids do too
Africa Monitor Meet the polygot who just took over the Central African Republic
Anthony Lewis championed liberal causes for decades, won two Pulitzers
Rahmo Abdulqadir Farah, female journalist, killed in Somalia
Gay marriage: Why presence of chief justice's lesbian cousin at court matters
Communication with Mars to go silent for a month
Stir It Up! A sweet treat for Passover: Matzoh crack
Latin America Monitor Victory for human rights in Latin America?
Robert Frost: 10 quotes on his birthday
In Russia, no love lost over late 'evil genius' Boris Berezovsky
Florida Gulf Coast University redefines 'Cinderella' (+video)
Global News Blog Hong Kong court rejects Filipino maids' plea for residency
Chapter & Verse Looking for a Simon & Schuster title? Barnes & Noble might not be your best bet
Culture Cafe 'The Punk Syndrome' co-director and cast discuss their SXSW-winning documentary
Rebels capture Central African Republic: Now can they govern it?
Culture Cafe Ted Danson's daughter Kate will appear on a 'CSI' episode
Opinion A better way to prevent overfishing
Rare giraffe born at Connecticut refuge. It's a girl, and she needs a name
Toenails measure toxic exposure in New Jersey
Global News Blog As interest in kosher food surges, chefs take it gourmet
Minnie Mouse 'makeover' features designer dress
US Supreme Court to take up Michigan affirmative action case
North Korea's public relations man is a Spaniard with a tough job
Gay couple wins $100K wedding at bridal show
Phil Spector: Al Pacino discusses playing the controversial music producer
Tilda Swinton: Glass box nap performance at MOMA
TNT Express will cut 4,000 jobs
The Simple Dollar Want to save money this spring? Lose the storage space.
Is one-click shopping too easy?
Jerry Sandusky interview: 'Maybe I tested boundaries'
Difference Maker Rewriting the story of polarized debate: He got Tea Party and Occupy to talk
Don't fear that chair!
John Kerry urges Iraq to inspect Iranian overflights to Syria (+video)
Girl walks away from deadly Calif. car wreck for help
Amanda Knox 'anxious' as Italian court hears acquittal appeal (+video)
Energy Voices Why Google is spending billions on renewable energy
$338 million ticket for Powerball sold in New Jersey (+video)
New Florida sinkhole in same Florida town
Terrorism & Security Hard times for Syria's rebels: top commander injured, PM rejected
Slow flower farming
Readers Write: How I fight gun and gang violence, as a former gang member
Junk food fight heats up