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Monitor Articles for March 23, 2013

Energy Voices Earth Hour 2013: Does it really save energy?
Winter storm dumps snow on Great Plains, Midwest
Cyprus still locked in negotiations in last-ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy
Abou Zeid confirmed dead: France got Al Qaeda leader (+video)
Rand Paul rising: 2016 in sight? (+video)
Cyprus: a bank levy after all?
Obama's last Middle East stop: Petra
Global News Blog Russian tycoon found dead in Britain: Is it suicide?
Jane Goodall apologizes for plagiarizing in new book
George Lowe, legendary Everest mountaineer, dies
Evidence links Evan Ebel to Colorado prisons chief murder (+video)
Lebanese president accepts prime minister's resignation
Saving Money Choosing the right headphones
How much do you know about gay rights in America? Take the quiz!
Hello, tower? Will the sequester make flying less safe at 149 US airports?
The Simple Dollar Dress for success without breaking the bank
'Olympus Has Fallen' echoes 'Die Hard' plots
Ray Williams dies: NBA star who rebounded from homelessness (+video)
Senate's first budget in four years: A chip off partisan gridlock?
Pope Francis meets Pope Benedict in historic visit
In Gear Where are people under 35 buying their cars?
Pippa Middleton dropped by her literary agent. Why?
Volleyball-sized fireball streaks across East Coast sky (+video)
Obamacare at age 3: Why political battles are exploding anew
Airport sign kills boy: Faulty construction to blame?
IRS: warp speed apology for bad 'Star Trek' parody (+video)