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Monitor Articles for March 21, 2013

Syria: Suicide bombing kills top pro-Assad Sunni preacher
Meteorites reveal the secrets of last month's Russian fireball
March Madness: Do you agree with Obama's pick?
Facebook: Now with weather!
New Pepsi bottle: Will the blocky shape bolster sales?
Tears, cheers as Colorado governor signs civil unions into law
House passes Ryan's budget, bans Obamacare. Again.
Chicago's proposed school closings called unfair to city's poorest students
'Tonight Show' switch? Why Jimmy Fallon is creating so much buzz.
Obama to Israelis: 'Put yourself' in Palestinians' shoes
Big bang's 'afterglow' reveals universe to be a bit older, with more matter
March Madness: Which team is the best academically?
Could North Korean missiles really hit US military bases? (+video)
Horizons YouTube: Eight years in and 1 billion people strong
Bow-legged robot can scamper across rugged terrain
Stocks fall on weak Oracle sales, Cyprus fears
Obama to Israel: 'You are not alone'
How do tectonic plates slide? Scientists reveal mysterious layer deep in Earth.
Backchannels What the US is doing to help some Syrian rebels, undermine jihadis
Culture Cafe Bob Newhart on 'Big Bang Theory': The actor will guest star in May
Global News Blog Good Reads: US-China relations, 'Lean In,' ballet's whodunit, Ireland's Downton
From Turkish jail, Kurdish guerrilla leader offers to lay down arms
Holy pontiff, Batman! Vatican runs superhero story, confuses many
Fort Hood shooting: After delays, trial of Major Hasan to begin soon
Home sales rise in February, but is the market really improving?
Middle Men
Reader recommendation: Campy
Culture Cafe 'Bates Motel': What are the reviews saying?
Ancient volcanoes drove half of all species to extinction, study suggests
Global News Blog Delhi braces for return of some serious monkey business
Modern Parenthood Facebook photo raid: Parents, show common sense in a time of uncommon anxiety (+video)
Africa Monitor Kenyan candidate turns to court to challenge defeat in presidential election
The Monitor's View Typecasting 'AfPak'
Why Joe Biden is still pushing for assault weapons ban
Culture Cafe Jon Hamm and 'Mad Men' will return to AMC for two more seasons
Energy Voices Energy firms, environmentalists agree on 'fracking' standards
Like Pope Francis, new archbishop of Canterbury seen as advocate for the poor
Long-lost Apollo engines found at bottom of Atlantic Ocean
Montana moves to make roadkill legal to eat: Is 'freeganism' a good idea?
Decoder Buzz Gay marriage: Why Sen. Chambliss' clunky quote indicates softening GOP stance
Has Voyager 1 left the solar system? Probably not, but it's close.
Universe some 80 million years older than thought, say scientists
In Kenya, social media hate speech rises as nation awaits election ruling
Robert Reich Why Democrats should protect Social Security and Medicare
Backchannels The real warning in Syrian chemical weapons claims
Global News Blog Cyprus's Plan B: What will happen if Moscow won't foot the bill?
Latin America Monitor Study: Mexico pays price for being soda king
Colorado officials tighten security after killing of state prisons chief
BlackBerry 10 adds 30,000 apps in seven weeks. Any good ones?
Energy Voices Cyprus gets bailout offer from Russian gas giant Gazprom
Decoder Buzz Why House vote for short-term spending bill is important (+video)
13 survival stories from around the world
With Cyprus desperate for bailout help, Russia plays hardball
Can Google persuade users to switch from Evernote to Keep?
Chapter & Verse Are books becoming less emotional?
Paper Economy Jobless claims rise to 336,000
Europe, Cyprus look for way out of crisis. Could Moscow save the day?
United Nations calls on Haiti to set long-delayed election
Giant squid all one species, study finds
Change Agent Water crisis runs much deeper than digging a well
NCAA men's basketball tournament: Early predictions and early upsets
As Obama does about-face on settlements, Palestinians question US as 'honest broker'
Chapter & Verse Pope Francis's book 'On Heaven and Earth' will be translated into English
Chapter & Verse Elizabeth Gilbert asks fans to help her choose a new book cover
Simon & Garfunkel chosen to be among recordings preserved
Modern Parenthood WWE star saves mom from fire using tree, overkill? My kids loved it
Why cyberattacks are the logical North Korean weapon
Sandy Hook victim's parents seek closure, chat with Lanza's father (+video)
Isabella Stewart Gardner: 5 books about the world's most audacious art theft
Backchannels Penn & Teller in Cairo, 2003
Chapter & Verse 'After Visiting Friends': Michael Hainey talks about his journey into his father's past
Culture Cafe Ted Danson's TV show, 'CSI,' will return for another season
Las Vegas union protest: 98 arrests in casino demo
Stir It Up! Feasting on Art: smoked trout smørrebrød and Gustave Courbet
'The world upside down': The rise of Spanish immigration to Morocco
Culture Cafe Harrison Ford: Has he confirmed his role in Star Wars: Episode 7?
A closer look at the new Eyeconic roses
Amazon enters $600M deal to develop CIA cloud
American Idol: The Top Nine take on The Beatles (+video)
Andy Griffith widow to demolish his home (+video)
Terrorism & Security West Bank hosts Obama, Gaza sends rockets
12-year-old arrested in Minnesota for shooting prank (+video)
Safety in the air
The 25 best country songs of all time (+video)
The Simple Dollar Emergency funds: How much should you save for a rainy day?
Briefing Who is Pope Francis?
Opinion Palestinians see Obama visit as reminder of broken promises
Verbal Energy The paradox of property
$860M overcharge: Ohio employers win lawsuit
Federal Reserve stays the course boosting Asian stocks