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Monitor Articles for March 17, 2013

Does the future of the GOP hinge on gay marriage? (+video)
In Gear Tax Day 2013: Does your plugin qualify for a tax credit?
Saving Money EBay Instant Sale shut down. Three alternatives.
Global News Blog More an immigrant holiday, St. Patrick's Day has come home to Ireland (+video)
CPAC: Why Marco Rubio could be the real winner (+video)
Latest gang rape in India highlights risks for women, this time foreigners (+video)
Ohio rape case: teens found guilty, face year-plus in jail (+video)
America's quirky capital of books
Cover Story The novel resurgence of independent bookstores
Can Iran, world powers build on recent progress in nuclear talks?
Iraq war 10 years later: Was it worth it?
Tax VOX Do capital gains taxes hinder growth?
Pope Francis connects with crowd after first window appearance (+video)
Global News Blog China's Premier Li meets the press – but no unscripted questions, thank you
St. Patrick's Day: 10 green money facts you should know (+video)
Stir It Up! Beef pot roast and potato hash