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Monitor Articles for March 15, 2013

SAC to pay $614 million in insider trading settlement
In Gear Toyota recalls 310,000 FJ Cruisers over seat-belt flaw
Obama's $2 billion plan to wean US off foreign oil (+video)
CPAC: Mitt Romney’s return and a post-mortem on 2012
Carnival of errors: second cruise this week hits snafu (+video)
Drone documents case: federal appeals court rules against CIA
Facebook may start using hashtags as next advertising ploy
Shuttering of Google Reader prompts petitions, outrage
US to ramp up its anti-missile defenses following North Korean threats
Modern Parenthood Pew mobile Internet study: Parenting changes with childhood mobile saturation
The Monitor's View Behind the historic shift in poverty
Stocks fall, ending Dow's 10-day streak
Energy Voices Making energy innovation part of climate policy debate
Backchannels Lessons from Iraq... in 1958.
Samsung Galaxy S4: Not a sea change, but does it need to be?
In Gear How much is Norway paying to promote electric cars?
A shady perennial blooms for months
How European Catholics see Pope Francis
Bacon-shell tacos, or Bacos, on the menu at Mich. minor-league park
Chapter & Verse Former Irish president Mary Robinson discusses her new memoir 'Everybody Matters'
Iran nuclear program: Obama makes case for diplomacy ahead of trip to Israel
How a humongous alien planet could explain how our solar system was born
Backchannels The UN document on women that has terrified Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
Jack Greene was a longtime Grand Ole Opry star
Division among cardinals paved way for selection of Pope Francis
Consumer prices: Jump at the pump fuels fastest rise since recession
Chapter & Verse 'WOOL': Why all the hype?
Tax VOX The $5.7 trillion question in Paul Ryan's budget
Global News Blog Good Reads: Amazon mysteries, Africans step up, state of the states, knowing voters
CPAC puzzle: how to grow a younger, more diverse GOP (+video)
Beyond the Higgs boson: Five more elusive particles
Backchannels From every direction, arms for Syria
Can Pope Francis' focus on poor attract 'indifferent Catholics' back to church?
Pakistan's parliament makes history
Titanic violin found, authenticated by British auction house
The Vote Donald Trump CPAC speech: Is he a Democratic secret agent? (+video)
Matt Lauer: 'Today' will regain top ratings
Modern Parenthood End gang violence: Changing a violent community? Start with a barber chair
Two years on, aid efforts struggle to keep up with a shattered Syria
Latin America Monitor Sandinistas block Internet in Nicaragua's National Assembly
Energy Voices Obama at Argonne lab: Why batteries matter (+video)
Change Agent Updated water wheels power India's rural mountain economy
Are you a savvy global traveler? Take the quiz
Paper Economy Industrial production rises in February
Ohio GOP senator cites 'change of heart' on gay marriage (+video)
Stir It Up! Saint Patrick's Day Irish stew
Culture Cafe Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock: Will they tour?
UN envoy says US drone strikes violate Pakistani sovereignty
Opinion Reactions to Steubenville, Ohio and India gang rapes show India isn't so 'backward'
Will Jesuit identity help Pope Francis repair 'fractured church'?
An echo of Soviet-era censorship and meddling in Latvia?
'Gimme the Loot' mines class, race and friendship
Chapter & Verse Tan Twan Eng wins Man Asian Literary Prize
3 novels about family, crime, and love
Reader recommendation: The Weir
Ohio Senator Portman changes course on gay marriage
Chapter & Verse Timothy Geithner will release book on 2008 financial crisis
Cancun bar shooting kills seven, wounds four
Terrorism & Security War draws closer to Lebanon with Syrian threat of attack
American Idol: Phil Phillips comes home and one contestant goes home (+video)
Dust, fans, and climate change
Difference Maker Kimberly Ritter stands up to child sex trafficking in US hotels
Top Picks: iTunes and Education, the Dark Side of Modeling, and More