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Monitor Articles for March 14, 2013

300,000 new millionaires: How many new homeless?
Life after Higgs boson: What's next for the world's largest atom smasher?
Jack Curran, legendary high school coach, dies
IRS unclaimed refunds: The IRS owes you $1 billion (some of you, anyway)
Pope pays hotel bill: Pope Francis sheds luxuries of previous popes
Four-winged birds? Feathery-legged fossils date back to dinosaur days.
Knives on planes? TSA chief, defending policy, gets an earful in Congress.
'Veronica Mars' online campaign passes $2 million: What's Hollywood thinking?
California bill aims to be 'turning point' for college courses online
Saving Detroit: New manager targets 'greatest turnaround' in US history
CPAC surprise: optimism about immigration reform
Pope Francis signals core mission – returning Catholics to the church (+video)
The Simple Dollar How to talk about money without arguing
Backchannels Iraq attack shows coordination, planning, and numbers
Energy Voices Court case: Coal mine gets permit. Can EPA take it back again?
Stocks up again; Dow on 10-day streak
The Monitor's View Sugary-drink bans and other fads: When pols try to nudge good behavior
Opinion Arctic oil drilling needs better federal regulation (+video)
Robert Reich Deficits are not the real economic problem
France dials up pressure on US to arm Syrian rebels
The New Economy Surprise! Consumers are managing their credit cards quite well.
The Vote Hillary-Michelle in 2016: Awesome or awful?
Cat food recall hits 26 states. Are you affected?
Will unlikely coalition partners force new path for Israel?
Boehner unable to join US delegation to Vatican
Argentine pope: A reflection of Catholicism 'south of the equator'
Matt Cassel cut by Chiefs with 2 years left on deal
Africa Monitor Foreign correspondents in Africa still struggle to tell the whole story
Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science
Another Carnival cruise ends poorly: Passengers to be flown home.
12 St. Patrick's Day recipes
Trouble at the tribunal: Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Sary dies before conviction
African Catholics see hope in choice of non-European pope
Modern Parenthood Pew modern parenthood survey: Fathers caring more – at our house, too
Backchannels Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says UN proposal on women will destroy the world
'God Particle': Six big consequences of the Higgs boson discovery
Global News Blog Obama's Israel agenda: negotiate, visit sites – and dine with beauty queen
Opinion In Libya, Islam – and a purple hijab – help spurn domestic violence against women
Decoder Buzz Michelle Obama on Vogue cover. Running for something? (+video)
Pope Francis: representative of God - and Latin America?
Sinkhole buyouts await evacuated Louisiana homeowners
Energy Voices In Great Plains, if you drill it they will come
Android chief Andy Rubin will step down
Lance Armstrong urged to make full confession by doping-lobby group
Parenting shift: Dads boost housework, as more moms seek full-time jobs
Google Reader to retire on July 1
Opinion Obama must push – not just praise – Jordan's efforts at democratic reform
Paper Economy Jobless claims drop by 10,000
Energy Voices In Paul Ryan budget, echoes of energy campaign rhetoric
Egypt's reviled police plead for understanding, support
Not Less than Everything
With Steven Seagal in tow, Putin pushes for Soviet-era phys-ed revival
Stir It Up! Pi Day: Celebrate with a vintage custard pie
How to successfully grow ferns indoors
Scientists confirm Higgs boson discovery
Reader recommendation: Sea of Thunder
57 indicted in scandal based at purported Fla. veterans' charity
McDonald's launches yolk-free Egg McMuffin nationwide
Chapter & Verse Apple update: Tim Cook to testify
In Gear Honda recall affects 250,000 vehicles worldwide for braking problem
'French Twist': 6 stories from an American mom's try at Gallic parenting
Election of Pope Francis fuels hopes for Catholic reform (+video)
Conservatives showcase diversity and divisions at annual CPAC rally (+video)
Terrorism & Security India bars Italian envoy from leaving, escalating tensions over marines shooting incident
Change Agent An oasis of community and support for Latina moms
After New York terrier swallows 111 pennies, dog still yapping [+video]
Get irrational: 3.14 things to do on Pi Day
China's pig dumping scandal puts spotlight on illegal pork trade
Culture Cafe 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'White House Down': Two action movies put the White House in peril
Briefing After the 'sequester,' now what?
'Price is Right' lawsuit over pregnancy overturned
As Catholics worldwide welcome Pope Francis
American Idol: Can the boys even compete this year? (+video)
Stir It Up! Meyer lemon ice box pie for Pi Day
Why ur txt msg isn't that gr8
Why new pope's elevation is a surprise