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Monitor Articles for March 10, 2013

Rand Paul: GOP party leader or destined for Ron Paul backwater? (+video)
With Chávez gone, what do his young opponents want now? (+video)
The Simple Dollar Creating a 'to do' shelf
Paper Economy Jobs report not so great for the long term unemployed
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Kale and black-eyed pea stew and a vegan cookbook review
Malvinas curriculum helps Argentina revive Falklands claim
Top 10 places to buy a foreclosed home
Global News Blog Two prominent Saudi human rights activists receive 10 years in jail
Jeb Bush: Is the world ready for a third Bush in the White House? (+video)
Upfront Blog After Newtown: a time for solace
Democrats from rural areas face pressure from pro-gun constituents
Pakistan arrests members of anti-Christian mob, but convictions rare
Do towns ever get over shootings?
Cover Story How one church is helping heal Newtown
Saving Money How credit cards can save you money on car loans – and other debt
Energy Voices Crowd-funding emerges as source of capital for cleantech
City council veteran, Christine Quinn, announces bid for New York mayor
Indicted abroad for crimes, Kenya's new leaders pose diplomatic dilemma
Obama said to be close to naming Perez for Department of Labor
Karzai: Explosions show Taliban 'at the service' of America
In Gear Volvo unveils cyclist detection system
Obama pokes fun at sequester at Gridiron dinner
150 arrested in Pakistan after burning Christian homes
Energy Voices Moniz confirmation for Energy secretary: four things to watch for
Exporting Grandma? Some German elderly head abroad for nursing care