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Monitor Articles for March 1, 2013

US incomes down 3.6 percent in January as payroll-tax relief expires
Wall Street shrugs off 'sequester': Why is it ignoring Washington this time?
Detroit emergency declared. Can intervention turn around the city’s finances?
Paper Economy Construction spending mixed in January
Obama on Prop 8: How sweeping is administration support for gay marriage?
Volcanic eruptions might lessen greenhouse effects
Horizons Facebook scoops up Atlas. More social ads incoming?
Obama 'Jedi Mind Meld' flub mixes confuses 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars'
Fake identities: Manti Te'o scandal and 6 other Internet hoaxes
Humans kill nearly 100 million sharks each year, say conservationists
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney interview to air on Fox News. Is an Act 2 for him in the works?
Energy Voices Japan should invest in European shale gas
Fiscal emergency declared in Detroit by Michigan governor
Easter candy recall: Chocolate eggs may contain salmonella
Bonnie Franklin played a single mother on the sitcom 'One Day at a Time'
The Circle Bastiat Are central banks really necessary?
The Monitor's View In China-Japan island clash, a peaceful diversion
World Baseball Classic: Everything you need to know
Westminster dog death: Owner sniffs foul play
Fight over cellphone unlocking pulls in FCC: report
Anti-Israel remarks test John Kerry's diplomacy in Turkey
Latin America Monitor Hugo Chávez's Venezuela: What does the political and economic future hold?
Curiosity Mars rover suffers computer malfunction
How sequester cuts could set back scientific research
Bend, Not Break
SpaceX addresses hitch that could have put mission to space station in doubt (+video)
A Tangle of Knots
The 'sequester' has landed: Just how 'automatic' will spending cuts be? (+video)
Reader recommendation: The Dinner
'Baby Doc' shows up to court: A score for Haiti's justice system? (+video)
Alien planet photo: Telescope spots gas giant formation
Why backroom deals are out in 'sequester' talks
MWC 2013: A good showing for HTC, Sony, Ubuntu Touch
Chapter & Verse Doctor-ing Seuss: a cure for the (all too) common Cat
Frustrated McIlroy quits, walks off course at Honda Classic tournament
Satellite detects third radiation belt around Earth
The Simple Dollar Taking on debt to make money: When should you do it?
Better than expected, but still not enough: Can Hadi hold Yemen together?
Chapter & Verse Twitter's answer to poetry: @Pentametron
Modern Parenthood Workplace bullying legislation: Keep your chins up parents
Tax VOX The sequester won't last. Here's why.
Decoder Buzz Has the left turned on Bob Woodward? (+video)
What the 'sequester' means for you ... and what won't change
Oregon fourth graders wax philosophical about nature of work
Test the teacher? Educators balk at Mexico's reforms
Florida sinkhole swallows man: shocking start to 'sinkhole season' (+video)
Abou Zeid killed? Local Malians say it happened, but French not so sure
Chapter & Verse Sandy Hook: Love in the form of 10,000 books
Global News Blog North Korea's special guests: First a Google executive, then Dennis Rodman (+video)
College tuition: Pay $10,000 for four years?
Famously corporate-friendly Switzerland set to get tough on CEO pay
Chapter & Verse National Book Critics Circle Awards go to 'Billy Lynn,' 'Far From the Tree'
Moscow says US aid for Syria helps 'extremists'
Tiger Woods barefoot, wet, four shots back in Honda Classic
Stir It Up! March bookclub selection: Chocolat by Joanne Harris
Lebanon erects string of watchtowers on Syrian border
Stir It Up! Black sesame ice cream
Change Agent Sticky notes promote acts of kindness in schools
Dr. Seuss: 25 quotes on his birthday
Car logos quiz
Opinion A warning to John Kerry on Middle East trip: Egypt could become the next Iran
Personal income drops, but consumer spending up in January
Choosing mercy
Mariah Carey sings track for the Disney film 'Oz the Great and Powerful'
'A Place at the Table' makes a persuasive case for why millions are going without food
'Stoker' employs cinematic tricks that don't impress
'Jack the Giant Slayer' is more ho-hum than fee-fi-fo-fum
10 best books of March, according to Amazon's editors
Coming for Cameron? Poor showing in bellwether vote rattles Conservatives
Stefan Karlsson US savings rate falls to housing bubble lows
Hugo Chavez near death? Many Venezuelans believe in leader's recovery
Energy Voices Demand weak, but gas prices heading to $4, anyway
Winners in Israel's game-changing election unlikely to lead charge for peace
Can France's 'so-called workers' still compete on the world stage?
Florida sinkhole swallows man while he slept (+video)
Spending cuts: As Washington frets, Wall Street shrugs (so far)
Terrorism & Security Sentencing of Islamist leader brings unhealed rifts to surface in Bangladesh
American Idol: Five boys chosen as Sudden Death ends on low note (+video)
Why Republicans think Obama's back is against the wall on 'sequester'
Tax VOX Financial aid: finding better ways to help college students
Difference Maker Indira Johnson places intriguing sculptures to create dialogues on peace
Top Picks: 'Schindler's List' on DVD, Holly Williams' third album, and more