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Monitor Articles for February 8, 2013

S&P hits five-year high
Do US drone kills need an oversight board? How would it work? (+video)
Sam Mullet, Amish beard-cutting ring leader, gets 15-year jail term
Seven open US Senate seats in 2014
Horizons Macmillan settles e-book dispute with the Department of Justice
Energy Voices Super Bowl outage: Is US ready to address reliability?
Boston Top 5 winter storms ever: Blizzard of 2013 could top the list (+video)
Vox News From political 'House of Colbert', a South Carolina candidate called Lulu
Device meant to prevent cable failure to blame for Super Bowl blackout
Horizons Racist Google ads? New study links names to negative ads.
Surface Pro bashed for battery, storage. Microsoft responds.
Should we be worried about the latest Facebook glitch?
Modern Parenthood Winter storm Nemo: Take the kids out, charge their creativity
Monitor Breakfast NTSB chair Deborah Hersman: Future of auto safety lies with technology
Christopher Dorner manifesto: a guide to ex-cop's alleged rampage
US oil imports at lowest level since 1999 as trade gap shrinks
Blizzard of 2013 making travel hazardous. What it's hitting.
Test your love IQ: Who said these romantic things?
EU leaders approve budget, and everyone wins - at least politically
Trumpeting technological strength, Iran releases video it says is from downed US drone (+video)
Immigration reform 101: Is a sensible guest-worker program possible?
Snowfall forecast for Blizzard of 2013 just got bigger. What changed?
Reader recommendation: Half Broke Horses
In Gear Better Place electric car startup pulls plug on US, Australia
'Ferlinghetti' explores the remarkable life of the poet-painter-activist
'Lore' features an unusual and absorbing heroine
Bush family e-mails hacked: Was anything stolen of value (beyond privacy)? (+video)
Modern Parenthood Winter storm Nemo: Moms, tweet us your kids doing these snow projects
An understanding of God helps alleviate suffering
Stir It Up! Travel: New Orleans and bananas foster
TV drama? Putin rips Sochi official on air over Olympic cost overruns
Opinion US can slow climate change with new carbon-capture technology
11 practical or unusual books for professional – and aspiring – writers
'Side Effects' is a middling effort from director Steven Soderbergh
Melissa McCarthy's film 'Identity Thief' is the furthest thing from funny
Irish beef avoids EU budget chop. Is agricultural subsidy reform on the menu?
Subprime loans are hot again. Unfortunately.
14 sweet recipes for Valentine's Day
Opinion US manufacturing is key to competitiveness
In Gear 2014 Toyota Tundra debuts at Chicago Auto Show
Chapter & Verse Ayn Rand as a graduation requirement? An Idaho senator likes the idea
Palestinian textbooks fall short where they are most needed - introducing 'the other'
Terrorism & Security Tunisians mourn slain opposition leader amid concerns of rising turmoil (+video)
Horizons Wikipad gaming tablet: Still alive, and coming in spring
Tibetan man sentenced to 13 years for 'inciting' self-immolation of monk
"Being Mandela": Nelson Mandela's granddaughters on reality show
The Simple Dollar Five signs of bad financial advice
Change Agent How to keep youths down on the farm? Offer incentives.
13 Mardi Gras recipes
Apple might be headed back to court as investors sue
Horizons Scroogled? Microsoft and Google square off again.
Blizzard 2013 Live blog: Nine-state region returns to normal – sort of (+video)
Difference Maker He loves maps and Vietnam. That may put him in the eye of a storm.
Top Picks: 'Babar: The Movie' on DVD, band Blue Sky Riders' new album, and more
American Idol: Nicki Minaj crushes the boys' jars of hearts