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Monitor Articles for February 5, 2013

Can a kinder, gentler Eric Cantor 'rebrand' Republicans?
Pacific earthquake: Small tsunami hits Solomon Islands (+video)
Las Vegas casino evacuated: Will patrons be compensated?
Pacific earthquake: Are scientists underestimating 'superquakes'? (+video)
Pacific earthquake hits Solomon Islands: Tsunami warning issued (+video)
Is Facebook setting you up for identity theft?
Credit card con artists steal over $200 million: 18 arrested
Richard III had a twang? Secrets of reconstructing a voice
Earth-buzzing asteroid big enough to level a city, found by amateurs
What message to Wall Street from US lawsuit against Standard & Poor's?
Immigration reform: Amid GOP reservations, signs of flexibility
Recession averted, but rising debt still a threat, CBO warns
Mathematician discovers largest prime number (so far)
In Gear Why did the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette get cut from the Super Bowl?
Vatican in rare reversal praises US media for attention on sex scandals
Global News Blog North Korea video: Welcome to theater of the bizzare
Can drone strikes target US citizens? Critics say rules are vague.
Will UN peacekeepers get deployed to Mali?
Energy Voices Canada considers oil spill legislation. Repercussions for Keystone XL?
Did 'sequester' backfire? Obama calls for 'smarter solution.'
Stocks up following jump in home prices
Neanderthal species may have died out much earlier, according to study
Alabama hostage rescue: why some secrets will remain in the bunker
Does Tory opposition to gay marriage signal a UK 'culture war'?
Red Bull skydiver fell even faster than we thought
Tax VOX The drawbacks of using states as tax-reform laboratories
The Monitor's View A comforting arm to curb Army suicides
Chapter & Verse Bookish, a new website for readers by three major publishers, launches
Latin America Monitor Will blast at Mexico oil company shift opinions on privatization?
Ravens parade includes Baltimore fans marching to Super Bowl celebration
Energy Voices Boeing 787 batteries: What's causing their 'thermal runaways?'
Study: Moles can smell in stereo, still can't see anything
Lindsey Vonn crash ends her 2013 World Cup season
Earth won't be destroyed by huge asteroid next week, say scientists
Dog breeds: The most popular pooches in US since 1880
Opinion France's disappointing labor reforms
Backchannels Afghan corruption, opium, and the strange case of Kam Air
Monitor Breakfast US drone strikes: There's 'no wink and nod' from Pakistan, ambassador says
Much ado about Richard III: Is Shakespeare to blame? (+video)
Bulgaria blames Hezbollah for 2012 bombing, refueling terrorist listing debate
Africa Monitor Black billionaire in South Africa pledges to give away half his fortune
Energy Voices Energy innovation: views on the future
Vox News Chris Christie eats doughnut on Letterman. Was he making a point? (+video)
'Secret ledger' at heart of Spanish corruption scandal given to authorities
In Paris, first arrest of Islamist suspects since start of Mali war
Modern Parenthood Facebook after death: Should family get deceased's social media passwords?
Ahmadinejad visits Cairo: How sect tempers Islamist ties between Egypt, Iran
Day after discovery announcement, King Richard III's reconstructed 'face' unveiled
Paper Economy Recession probability declines in November
Matt Damon will appear on 'House of Lies' as a 'maniacal' version of himself
Sochi cha-ching: Putin defends most expensive Olympics ever (+video)
Where's my refund? IRS tool helps you answer that question.
Hunt for asteroids near earth way too slow, study says
Dell goes private in $24.4 billion buyout.
North Korea human rights probe urged by UN
Reg Presley, British rock singer of 'Wild Thing,' dies
Oscars: Producers aim to cut broadcast's boring parts
Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir
French President Hollande prepares for tough EU summit
Opinion A better way to keep Islamists at bay in Mali
Fall Out Boy plans new album, tour
Gay marriage bill debated in UK Parliament
Change Agent Changing the face of aid, literally
Japan: China used weapons radar in disputed waters
Is China cleaning up its illegal 'black jails'?
Culture Cafe Kevin Bacon on subway: He isn't the only famous face to take public transportation (+video)
Reading recommendation: Samuel Adams, A Life
Brandon Webb decides to call it a career
As Iran's elections near, Ahmadinejad refuses to leave office quietly (+video)
Culture Cafe 'Monday Mornings' explores the difficult decisions doctors are forced to make
Free pancakes at IHOP: everything you need to know (+video)
The Simple Dollar Five ways to make self employment work
Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show not to blame for Super Bowl blackout
New Delhi rape trial begins
Robert De Niro puts his prints in cement at Hollywood's Chinese Theatre
Presidential yacht fight heats up in Delaware
Stir It Up! Loaded nacho chicken
Focus A new, different kind of 'troubles' in Northern Ireland
Focus For Northern Irish republicans, life is hard, but life is good
Couple wins lottery – twice in Arkansas
Backchannels In the new Egypt, the police still hew to their old torturing ways
China Navy frigate locked weapons radar on Japanese destroyer
Energy Voices EPA doubles down on ethanol mandates
Terrorism & Security Could North Korea be planning multiple nuclear tests? (+video)
Sparing the wildflowers
Alabama standoff over but FBI mum on how boy was rescued
In Gear Will Nissan Leaf sales soar in 2013?