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Monitor Articles for February 28, 2013

Big East breakup: Who's leaving next?
Most Venezuelans think Hugo Chavez will recover, poll finds
Gay marriage supported by almost 2 in 3 Californians, poll says
Schwarzkopf memorial: Stormin' Norman honored at West Point
Plight of the bumblebee: Disappearance?
Benedict resigns papacy: 'I am simply a pilgrim'
Republicans call foul on release of immigrant detainees (+video)
Prehistoric warming linked to CO2
Obama's plan to replace the 'sequester': Does the math add up?
Paper Economy BEA: US economy grew 0.1 percent in Q4
Direct US aid to Syria's rebels: Why now – and is it too late?
Stir It Up! Pebbly beach fruit squares
Modern Parenthood Daddy's money sneakers from Skechers are sketchy [+video]
Scientists discover new belt of radiation around Earth
Stocks fade as Dow nears, then pulls away from record
Gaining Time
Titanic II: Billionaire launches plans for replica of doomed ship
Backyard Physics
The Monitor's View In sequester's austerity, will US echo Europe's politics of fear?
Top Picks: The History Channel's Vikings series, classical pianist Emanuel Ax's new album, and more
Boeing proposes Dreamliner battery fix to Japanese regulators
Backchannels Report: UK stripping terrorism suspects of citizenship, US killing some of them
Scientists link rat brains via Internet
Africa Monitor South Africa police face scrutiny after video of dragging goes viral
Backchannels Will limited US aid to Syria rebels hasten the end of war, or prolong it?
Gold prices falling after Italian bond auction
Ethiopia makes help difficult for world donors advocating civil society, rights
Bradley Manning pleads guilty to some WikiLeaks charges (+video)
Marijuana cannon: Mexican police confiscate improvised border drug cannon
Global News Blog Friends forever: Rodman warms to North Korean dictator (+video)
Canada minister 'cautiously optimistic' US will approve Keystone XL
Energy Voices Water: the big issue for fracking
Reader recommendation: The Secret Race
Chapter & Verse 'Fifty Shades of Grey' author EL James drops hints about next project
Domestic violence law clears House, but some Republicans aren't happy
Coastal Carolina dorm shooting raises question: Should coeds pack heat?
Energy Voices EPA must weigh impacts of regulations, business group says (Sponsor content)
JCPenney shares plunge after 'no sales' bust
Upfront Blog Finding the true focus
Koozoo: A Web 2.0 version of Big Brother goes mobile
Assassin’s Creed IV will take place on the pirate-infested seas
In Gear Are California's electric-car charging stations too congested?
Take a lesson from Apple: iTunes U tops 1B downloads
Syrians are receiving US aid - they just don't know it
Bangladesh sentences Islamist party leader to death, riots leave at least 30 dead (+video)
Telescope spots formation of alien planet
Spain's economic crisis has an unexpected victim: journalism
How did supermassive black holes get so big? New data give a clue.
Global News Blog Benedict XVI pledges support to successor on his last day as pope (+video)
Energy Voices Using oil to get off of oil
Egypt quietly stifles NGOs by cutting off foreign cash flow
Paper Economy Jobless claims fall to 344,000
Revised GDP: US economy actually grew in fourth quarter, but barely
Energy Voices Oil, gas salaries rise amid slumping economy
Fracking. Tight oil. Do you know your energy vocabulary?
Decoder Buzz Bob Woodward vs. the White House: Who's right in 'sequester' smackdown? (+video)
Mind meld rats? Scientists link rat brains via the Internet.
Circling the wagons? Putin urges 'drastic upgrade' to Russia's military
Alex Smith to Chiefs. What happens to Matt Cassel?
11 quotes from difference makers
Scientists graft working eyes onto tadpole tails
Modern Parenthood LEGO for girls: Move over Barbie
Lisa Traylor-Wolff, Indiana attorney, accused of improper contact with client
Africa Monitor In eastern Congo, a new peace deal brings halting optimism
Jennifer Lawrence: 3 reasons why she's charmed Hollywood
2018 Mars mission: Who should go?
Illinois man convicted in noose attack ordered to write essay on lynching
Vanuatu earthquake: Powerful quake rattles Pacific island Vanuatu
Marines T-shirt ban: Superintendent on student's side, not teacher's
'Duck Dynasty' family business is objectionable to singer Morrissey
'Dancing With the Stars' performers Julianne and Derek Hough will develop ballroom dancing show
Richard Street was Motown singer, member of Temptations for 25 years
Debi Austin, woman who appeared in Calif. anti-tobacco ad, dies
Groupon stock tumbles on disappointing year's end
The Reformed Broker The sequester is real, but not catastrophic
Michael Winans Jr., gospel family scion, gets nearly 14 years in prison
Thailand, insurgents sign first ever agreement to start peace talks
Culture Cafe Kaley Cuoco's TV show 'The Big Bang Theory' airs one of the best episodes of 2012
Michael Jordan lakefront home in Cornelius, N.C. cost $2.8M
Security: Where does it come from?
Iran hails 'softer' and 'smarter' approach to its nuclear program
Pakistan textbooks raise debate about 'curriculum of hate'
Opinion 4 ways Chuck Hagel can improve cyber security
Scott Weiland rejects 'firing' by Stone Temple Pilots
Change Agent Gates, Zuckerberg champion computer programming in a new nonprofit video
Energy Voices Why globalization is energy intensive and wreaks havoc on oil prices
Terrorism & Security US will send nonlethal aid directly to Syrian rebels (+video)
American Idol: Viewers disagree with judges' picks for top five girls (+video)
Lego for girls: Building profits by catering to girls
Dale Robertson leaves legacy of classic Western TV shows
Opinion Jack Lew, John Galt, and American universities
Tax VOX How to avoid the sequester and give both parties what they want
In search of 'swag'
Massachusetts voters have options in Senate race