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Monitor Articles for February 27, 2013

Dennis Tito plans to send couple to Mars and back
Conflicting testimony emerges in Arizona murder trial
Horizons Leap Motion: Forget mouse and keyboard. Control a PC with hand gestures.
Is the 'Internet of Things' the way of the future?
World powers soften toward Iran
North Korea sends its first tweet over 3G service
Rosa Parks honored with statue (+video)
Pope Benedict bids emotional farewell
Gay marriage: why corporations are coming out against DOMA
Millionaire plans to send couple to Mars in 2018. Is that realistic? (+video)
Why March 1 isn't Congress's last chance to amend 'sequester' cuts
Detainees released: Could that hurt immigration reform? (+video)
Marco Rubio sounds a lot like Obama in big foreign-policy speech
Oreo Separator Machine: Modern-day Robert Oppenheimer splits the Oreo (+video)
Obama's divide-and-conquer strategy: Is it really about destroying GOP?
Exclusive: Cyberattack leaves natural gas pipelines vulnerable to sabotage
Van Cliburn: A piano virtuoso who transcended Cold War (+video)
Stocks soar; Dow nears all-time high
Google Project Glass spectacles on eBay? Not so fast. (+video)
Why Google is wary of Samsung's growing power
Voting Rights Act case: Supreme Court questioning is lively, pointed (+video)
Energy Voices How high oil prices hurt wages and limit economic growth
Backchannels Bradley Manning to admit partial guilt in WikiLeaks case
3 novels about home and estrangement
Reader recommendation: The Hooked X
The Monitor's View In Syria, US mission creep with moral creep
Extinct sea predator sliced prey with toothy spiral jaw
Horizons Copyright Alert System: Six strikes and you're out
Where did that Russian meteor come from? Astronomers determine origins.
New Jersey 'sea monster' is likely a lamprey (+video)
Can the Samsung Galaxy S4 live up to the S3?
Monitor Breakfast Rep. Bob Goodlatte: Government is not enforcing existing US gun laws
Israelis, Palestinians dispute books appropriated in 1948
Horizons Google and Spain battle over privacy rights
For Bulgarians, brief love affair with credit comes to bitter end
Stir It Up! Fish sauce or Pok Pok wings
Are Italian voters right that austerity isn't working? (+video)
Michel de Montaigne: 15 pithy quotes on his birthday
Latin America Monitor Favela consumer class on the rise in Brazil
Pistorius tragedy, characters, prove a never-ending soap opera in South Africa
In Gear Nevada considers 85 mph speed limits
Logistics unhinge Peru's laptop dreams
Bestselling books the week of 2/28/13, according to IndieBound*
Chapter & Verse How to buy your way onto the bestseller list
Banksy: 7 stories from 'The Man Behind the Wall'
Opinion Seth MacFarlane's Oscar jokes were bad, but they're just part of a bigger problem
Israel wields Bible's soft power as far afield as Brazil
BP drilling operations face scrutiny in Gulf oil spill trial
The Vote Sean Hannity vs. Rep. Keith Ellison: Who won epic argument?
Africa Monitor Drones in Niger: What they could mean for US foreign policy in Africa
Criminals cash in on Syria's chaos with kidnappings and ransoms
Shell halts Arctic oil drilling in 2013
Astronomers clock supermassive black hole's spin for first time
Bobby Jindal proposes sale of $47M in property to balance budget
'Sequester' harm to economy? Maybe for longer than you think.
Energy Voices Oil, gas, and the investment sinkhole problem
Culture Cafe Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Lawrence chat post-Oscars
Monitor Breakfast Immigration reform: A GOP point man envisions (circuitous) path to citizenship
Decoder Buzz Chuck Hagel sworn in as Defense secretary. Will he be sorry? (+video)
Energy Voices Rising energy costs impact fixed incomes (Sponsor content)
Modern Parenthood Why did Anne Hathaway apologize? And is there a lesson for your kids here?
Tina Fey says 'No way' to hosting 2014 Oscars
Dennis Tito to announce private mission to Mars
Home sales: Is a 'seller's market' pending? (+video)
Paper Economy MBA: Mortgage rates flat at 3.66 percent
President to meet Friday with congressional leaders about sequester cuts
US scientists seek to prevent another meteor explosion
Energy Voices BP eyes Tanzanian natural gas assets
Are the US and Russia bridging their divide over Syria?
Chapter & Verse 'Etiquette and Espionage,' a steampunk YA title, garners strong reviews and sales
Culture Cafe 'American Horror Story' season 3: Kathy Bates joins cast
Antigun candidate wins race in Illinois, with big assist from Bloomberg PAC (+video)
Focus Can Kenya's March election avoid killings, catastrophe, of last national vote?
Focus Will Twitter make an impact in Kenya's elections next week?
First lady's anti-obesity campaign ignites change in food industry
Opinion To protect democracy, Supreme Court must fully uphold Voting Rights Act
Philadelphia schools offer new family-style lunches to students
Change Agent Arts program for the homeless hopes to gain from Oscar success of 'Innocente'
Hot air balloon crash: Despite risk, adventure tourism on the upswing
Stuxnet computer virus much older than once thought
Backchannels Taliban attacks in Afghanistan not down after all
Bobby Brown DUI sentence: 55 days in jail, 18 months alcohol treatment
Stir It Up! Braised veal shanks with white beans
Four reasons Republicans are embracing the 'sequester'
Kellie Pickler joins the new DWTS cast (+video)
Mexico arrests powerful teachers union boss on corruption charges
Iran nuclear talks conclude with plans for more talks
Africa Monitor Sugar Man: Did the Oscar-winning documentary mislead viewers?
Hiking for a higher view
Terrorism & Security Can Dennis Rodman's 'basketball diplomacy' make a difference in North Korea? (+video)
Modern Parenthood Making macaroni and cheese in Beijing: The homemade childhood that wasn't
Dan Toler, former guitarist for Allman Brothers Band, dies
Progress Watch Why juvenile incarceration reached its lowest rate in 38 years
Tax VOX Welfare, subsidies, and tax credits: words that shape the deficit debate
A 1:30 a.m. line... for Van Gogh