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Monitor Articles for February 26, 2013

Blizzard buries Kansas snowfall records
JPMorgan cuts 19,000 jobs, calls it a good sign
Baseball fan can sue: Jury will decide risk of watching ball
NASCAR fans to sue? Maybe not
Mike Krzyzewski done? Coach K says goodbye to Team USA
'Gigantic jet' lightning over China reaches 55 miles high
Titanic II: Replica to repeat ill-fated cruise (+video)
19 dead in balloon crash near Luxor: How will this affect tourism?
The 'Argo' effect: Film could stoke suspicions about Americans abroad (+video)
Can police collect DNA when someone is arrested? Supreme Court to decide.
Voting Rights Act: Is major portion outdated? Supreme Court to hear arguments.
Energy Voices Marissa Mayer telecommuting ban: Will Yahoo! rebound by being less green?
A year after Trayvon Martin shooting, is America much changed?
Decoder Buzz Chuck Hagel will be secretary of Defense. What did GOP opposition accomplish?
Modern Parenthood Family missing at sea: Hoax or not, a lesson to foolproof family ventures
In Gear Tesla Motors CEO says NYT rift cost company millions
Culture Cafe Gillian Anderson pilot will center on a conspiracy involving Washington's most powerful figures
Abortion rights: Why New York is swimming against the national tide
Oscars 2013: Where have child actors gone post-nom?
Vera Gran: The Accused
Reader recommendation: Eight Pieces of Empire
Were those the bones of Cleopatra's murdered sister?
Ben Bernanke: Bring down the federal debt, don't just 'stabilize' it
Just as Nixon went to China, should Obama go to Iran?
Egypt opposition vows to boycott parliamentary elections
The Simple Dollar A guide to dividend stock investing
Surveillance law: US group can't challenge it, Supreme Court rules
Backchannels Is a third Palestinian intifada coming?
Scientists reconstruct Russia meteor trajectory (+video)
Energy Voices Will trains derail the Keystone XL pipeline?
No laughing matter: How a comedian's election is upending Italy
Latin America Monitor Inflation plays role in Argentine teacher strike
The Monitor's View Yahoo's ban on working remotely: a creative step for innovation?
The Onion apologizes for offensive actress tweet
Family missing at sea: Coast Guard calls off search amid hoax reports
Chapter & Verse 'Game of Thrones' debuts a new season 3 trailer (+video)
Chapter & Verse Children's author Patricia MacLachlan honors Newtown residents with new book
Energy Voices Spending cuts: What does the sequester mean for energy? (+video)
Change Agent Heroes to Heroes helps wounded US vets recover
Sonia Sotomayor criticizes prosecutor for 'racially charged remark'
'Vulcan' and 'Cerberus' are favorite names for Pluto's moons
Francis Crick's Nobel Prize medal to be auctioned
Why most Americans are yawning over 'sequester' – and why that matters
Italian political deadlock casts new uncertainty on eurozone recovery
Ultra-stretchy battery to power bionic life
Michelle Obama: How well do you know the first lady?
Readers Write: Strengthen families to curb gun violence; less government, better economy
Modern Parenthood Food stamps for pets provide more wiggle room in the home budget for 'Fluffy'
Deaths of teen drivers increase, reversing decade decline
Decoder Buzz Chris Christie dissed by CPAC. Is that good or bad for him?
Global markets drop with no clear winner in Italian elections
Opinion Iran nuclear talks: Look to cooperation of US-Iran scientists
'Dancing With the Stars': Who's part of the season 16 cast?
Energy Voices The shaky logic of US natural gas exports
Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi' Oscar win thrills Taiwanese
Africa Monitor Are Chinese immigrants undermining African progress?
Focus Dorner case legacy: rekindled distrust, resentment of police
In Gear Estonia: a paradise for electric cars?
Iran nuclear talks: Will hints of sanctions relief yield progress? (+video)
Culture Cafe Seth MacFarlane: Would he host the Oscars again? The comedian answers.
Derek Fisher returns to Oklahoma City Thunder
Hungary says its press freedom is 'completely perfect.' Europe disagrees.
Your health: perfect and intact?
Terrorism & Security Amid Palestinian protests, Gaza militants fire rocket into Israel
Stir It Up! Citrus shrimp linguine
Snowstorm snarls Kansas City airport, cuts power to 40,000
Fatal hot air balloon crash in Egypt under investigation
Family missing at sea: An unsolved mystery (+video)
In Gear Wi-Fi in your car? Coming to GM in 2014.