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Monitor Articles for February 23, 2013

Obama administration to argue for gay marriage in Supreme Court case
Saving Money Five cozy winter coat deals
Firearms-makers to politicians on gun rights: You balk, we walk
New England, West brace for snowy weekend
In Gear The 10 worst US cities for traffic
Michelle Obama's 'Evolution of Mom Dancing' rocks YouTube (+video)
War psychology research expands, troops found to suffer 'moral injuries'
Vatican calls reports of conspiracy by Italian media 'completely false'
Cover Story Oscars 2013 and Spielberg: The storyteller is part of our cultural DNA
Sequestration: What will happen to national parks?
'Trial of the century': Can BP deflect blame for Gulf oil spill?
Steenkamp family struggles with grief, Pistorius released on bail
6 leaky tanks ooze radioactive waste at Hanford nuclear site in Washington
The Simple Dollar Are you a renter or a keeper?
For Taliban victims, Pakistani peace talks feel like betrayal
Sixth grade girl takes on Philadelphia archdiocese for right to play football
Sequester and public opinion? Advantage Obama. (+video)
Israeli Oscar contenders force citizens to confront uncomfortable questions
Obama administration warns of grim consequences when cuts kick in
North Korea warns US commander in South Korea, threatens 'miserable destruction'
Latin America Monitor Academy Awards: When 'No' gets a 'Yes!' in Chile