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Monitor Articles for February 21, 2013

Sausage recalled: 38,000 pounds of sausage in 11 states (+video)
Snowstorm moves through Midwest, threatens New England (+video)
Why Tim Tebow canceled his mega-church appearance
'No. 1 deadbeat parent' in jail after 11 years on the run
Facebook pictures of baby manatee lead to arrest
Superman and Batman to join forces?
Behind-the-scenes deal pushes immigration reform closer to reality
Global News Blog Good Reads: Ideas for Obama, the creep of capitalism, millionaire count, work at the top
NATO meeting: Chuck Hagel misses his debutant ball
Tax VOX How to simplify the tax code in 2013
Does Cameron's decision not to apologize for 1919 massacre really matter?
Pot on the patio? Colorado's 'surreal' path to legalizing marijuana.
Laura Bush: Gay marriage ad should not include me (+video)
Americans cut back on fast food, but why?
India to investigate Hyderabad bomb blasts, eyes the Indian Mujahideen ... again (+video)
Stocks continue slide on weak economic data
Jet Crash Kills 5, pilot hit utility pole after aborting landing
How safe is flying? Take the aviation safety quiz
Slight warming could mean big permafrost thaw, say scientists
The Monitor's View Charitable tax deduction: What price for love?
Horizons Sony's PlayStation 4: What you need to know
Kansas City, St. Louis hit by fast-moving snowstorm (+video)
Paper Economy Home sales climb in January
Alaska lawmaker wants $100 bounty on sea otters
Monster goldfish found in Lake Tahoe probably dumped from aquarium
Africa Monitor How many immigrants does South Africa have? That depends who you ask.
Spectacular NASA video shows plasma 'rain' on sun
So many nyets: Why the chasm between US, Russia is so hard to bridge
Sequester 101: What happens if $85 billion in cuts hit on March 1
Tim Tebow cancels controversial Dallas church appearance
"The Double V" and "The Slaves' Gamble"
Stir It Up! Good fortune egg rolls
For India's 'untouchables,' a rare moment of inclusion
Latin America Monitor Brazil's 2013 Carnival may have rocked ... but parts also stank.
Decoder Buzz What sequester says about who's controlling the Republican Party
Energy Voices The future of oil on the Falkland Islands
Decoder Buzz Ashley Judd: Is she starting to act like a real Senate candidate? (+video)
Pentagon braces for furloughs in sequester: How big a hit to economy? (+video)
Reader recommendation: The Betrayal of the American Dream
Decoder Buzz Florida Gov. Rick Scott reverses stance on Medicaid. Win for White House? (+video)
Mars is red on the outside, gray on the inside, rover discovers
Global News Blog Can South Africa's justice system handle the Oscar Pistorius case? (+video)
Global News Blog India on high alert: Twin bike bombs kill at least 11 in southern Indian city of Hyderabad
Will rising tensions in Asia push Japan toward a full-fledged military?
Israel braces for action along the Syrian border
Energy Voices Natural gas is neither perfect nor perfectly evil
Briefing Why did North Korea explode a nuclear device?
Opinion Stricter gun laws alone won't stop America's urban violence
Paper Economy Jobless claims jump to 362,000
In historic first, Mars Curiosity rover drills into Martian rock
Las Vegas shooting: Gun battle on Vegas Strip leaves 3 dead (+video)
Dozens killed in Damascus car bombing
Modern Parenthood “To this day”: Poet talks about his viral animated anti-bullying video [+video]
NASA telescope spots smallest planet yet
Chapter & Verse Three indie bookstores file lawsuit against Amazon and Big Six publishers
Zero Dark Thirty ban? Rumors of unofficial ban swirl in Pakistan (+video)
Modern Parenthood Jessica Simpson baby name: Ace? No parent immune to the naming dilemma
'The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend': 8 stories from the set
Joe Garagiola retires after nearly six decades in broadcasting
The Simple Dollar Investment taxes: How do they work?
Chapter & Verse Patricia Cornwell wins lawsuit against financial firm
Change Agent Creative Connections links kids worldwide through art
Tyson sues Live Nation: Ex-boxer seeking $5 million (+video)
Coach fired after 16 years: NHL's Sabres try to regroup
Special K recall: Red Berries cereal may contain glass
Woman, 104, lies about age; Facebook apologizes
Love's role in resolving conflict
Terrorism & Security Mexico state security officials collaborated in civilian abductions: Human Rights Watch
American Idol: Kree Harrison joins Top 10 girls in Las Vegas (+video)
Another powerful winter storm targets midwestern US (+video)
Shia Labeouf drops out of Broadway play. Why? (+video)
Bill O'Reilly book: 'Killing Jesus' due out in September
Sunspots: Huge and growing fast, says NASA
In Gear US traffic fatalities rise for first time since 2005, nonprofit says
Feathered affection
Domenici acknowledges secret son