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Monitor Articles for February 20, 2013

Kansas City restaurant explosion: Investigation could take months
Federal Reserve uncertainties drive down Asian markets
Curiosity makes history with scoop – and begins Mars mission in earnest
Panetta: Defense furloughs would be 'disruptive and damaging' (+video)
Oscar Pistorius bail hearing: Is the prosecution's case unraveling? (+video)
Jesse Jackson Jr. guilty plea: 'For years I lived off my campaign' (+video)
Gun-control bills pass Colorado House: Was Aurora a tipping point? (+video)
White House targets cybertheft as worries about China mount (+video)
Progress Watch Fewer boarded-up homes: Vacancy rate for US housing falls to pre-bust levels
Adopted Russian child's death: What is known about the case so far
AirGo: Economy seating for the 21st century airline
Carnival Triumph could have made port much sooner, lawsuits allege
Google offers public a chance to test Project Glass (for a price)
Stocks fall following Federal Reserve minutes
Backchannels WikiLeaks discover ties between Nigerian scammers and Straftor
Upbeat Rajoy says Spain is on the mend, despite economic woes
Oscar Pistorius trial: Is it South Africa's version of the OJ Simpson trial? (+video)
Whose idea was the sequester? And does it matter? (+video)
Yemeni Air Force suffers embarrassing crashes as Yemenis get angry at US
John Kerry speech: US must resist temptation to turn inward
Why promising minority students aren't signing up for AP exams
The Vote White House correspondents' dinner: Conan O'Brien too safe for 'nerd prom'? (+video)
DOD furloughs: a four-day work week for Pentagon?
The Monitor's View In Timbuktu, Al Qaeda showed 'seeds of its decay'
Stir It Up! Brown butter snickerdoodles
Energy Voices Who will clean up after the nuclear plants?
Robert Reich Entitlement reform and immigration reform: How are they connected?
Discovery of smallest planet yet a 'milestone' in search for another Earth
Fired for voting? Ohio woman claims she was fired for Obama vote
The man who would be Italy's next prime minister: Pier Luigi Bersani
Energy Voices US oil production will soar in 2013. Can it last?
What to expect from Sony and the rumored PlayStation 4 'Orbis'
Chapter & Verse Ron Paul will pen book advocating a free-market approach to education
Postal Service plans all-weather clothing line: Smart move or desperation?
McCain faces angry crowd, defends immigration plan
Curbing child abuse in Mexico
Astronomers discover smallest planet ever
Energy Voices A diverse fuel mix for electricity benefits consumers (Sponsor content)
Giant space lobster? Telescope spots spectacular nebula.
Backchannels What we know about the death of a Mossad agent named 'Prisoner X' – and what we don't
Chapter & Verse Russian meteorite: Not the first strange event in the skies of Siberia
Decoder Buzz Joe Biden promotes shotguns for self-defense. Is he off base? (+video)
Bonnaroo: What music legend will headline the 2013 festival?
Paper Economy A mixed January for residential construction
Modern Parenthood Family of 7 kidnapped: When news is bad, how to talk to your kids
Helicopter parenting college students: Study shows ill effects
Search continues for Kansas City restaurant worker after massive blast
Pope may change rules to speed up next pope selection
Opinion How President Obama can forge a nuclear deal with Iran
Latin America Monitor Guatemala gets a bump in its police force
Change Agent Time Bank helps neighbors put skills to use, swap services
Modern Parenthood Rescue dog: Albie feathers the empty nest
Tunisia wobbles further as PM resigns and credit rating drops
Will you remember me?: The greatest one-hit wonders of the 2000s
Chapter & Verse A new work by Haruki Murakami is arriving in April – but only in Japanese
Opinion US leadership needed to prevent nuclear testing by North Korea
Miami allegations delivered by NCAA against Hurricanes (+video)
Oladipo leads Indiana past Michigan St. in Top 5 matchup
Bestselling books the week of 2/21/13, according to IndieBound*
Africa Monitor Expat kidnapping in Nigeria fuels questions about rising militant presence
Bulgarian government resigns after nationwide protests
USPS clothing line: Dress like the mailman? (+video)
Terrorism & Security State role in cyberespionage campaign? China says report 'lacks technical proof' (+video)
First college to raise $1B? Stanford beats Harvard
David Foster Wallace: 10 quotes on his birthday
Office Depot will buy Office Max in stock deal
Florida fireballs renew calls for early warning system (+video)
Oscar Pistorius defense says substance found in his home was not banned (+video)
Decoder Buzz One casualty of the sequester? Obama's entire legislative agenda.
Focus US 'pivot to Asia': Is John Kerry retooling it?
Energized now!
Family of 7 kidnapped in Cameroon, including four children
The Simple Dollar The 'I'm never going to retire' retirement plan
Short trip to Timbuktu reveals long road ahead for Mali
A (long) day at the cinema
Supreme Court declines, but execution gets last-minute stay