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Monitor Articles for February 2, 2013

'Bump fire' devices turn rifles into machine guns: How is that legal?
Super Bowl: Are 49ers or Ravens more ad-friendly? (+video)
Power plant imploded to make way for park
Why is Chicago struggling with gun violence? N.Y. might have answers.
Politicians and guns: Why it's important that Obama shoots skeet
Suicide bomber who attacked US embassy in Turkey was leftist
Energy Voices How do you spot a leaking oil pipeline?
Chaos and police brutality at Egypt's presidential palace (+video)
Where are the surprises in Super Bowl ads?
Cardinal Roger Mahony defends his legacy on church child abuse
New England fishermen doomed?
Tax VOX The risks of aiming low in deficit reduction
Alabama bunker standoff: Did politics set Jimmy Dykes off?
Super Bowl XLVII super stats: chicken wings, avocados, and HDTVs
What's in a name? Russian city mulls returning to its Stalinist moniker.
The Vote Kid President goes viral in campaign to make nation more awesome
Had your winter Phil? Check Groundhog Day forecast
The Monitor's View Why states shouldn't cash in on Super Bowl odds