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Monitor Articles for February 19, 2013

Shark-eating whales? Scientists identify four new whale species
How Nicolaus Copernicus moved the Earth
Was the Kansas City fire caused by an explosion? (+video)
Ken Burns footage blocked: Judge says no to NYC
New casino bankrupt: There goes Atlantic City? (+video)
Reader recommendation: What Work Is
Massive cyberattacks from China? Report claims to expose secret 'Unit 61398.' (+video)
Closing education achievement gap: blue-ribbon panel offers blueprint
Supreme Court to take up case that could overhaul campaign finance
Bloomberg vs. NRA: Big spending could swing Illinois race (+video)
HTC One gets a one-up on the X. But will history repeat?
Super mega dolphin pod off San Diego: Why the big party? (+video)
Tax VOX Bowles-Simpson II: a new plan to avoid the sequester
As clock ticks on 'sequester,' Washington runs short on ideas
UN forum offers new details on depth of Syria disaster
Apple joins Facebook in ranks of the recently hacked
In South Africa, a brutal rape sparks unusual proposal
Decoder Buzz Does Ashley Judd scare Mitch McConnell? (+video)
Forget feathers and beads: At Basel's carnival Fasnacht, it's all about politics
Stocks rise on talk of corporate deals
Pakistan announces operation after bombing, but is it just for show?
The Monitor's View Wanted: global rules on cyberwarfare
Unanimous juries for criminal convictions? Supreme Court declines case.
Stir It Up! Giardiniera aioli and Cumin coriander pork chops
The Entrepreneurial Mind Why US entrepreneurs tend not to think globally
Was Adam Lanza an Anders Breivik copycat? Why experts are skeptical (+video)
$50 million heist challenges Belgian diamond industry, Antwerp most to lose (+video)
What's next for Chávez and Venezuela?
Tunisia PM resigns, dashing hopes of quick resolution to political crisis
Copernicus and the Church: What the history books don't say
Social Security deadline: how recipients can switch over from checks
Supreme Court rules that dog's sniff was up to snuff in roadside search
Verbal Energy Shoveling Nemo
New Simpson-Bowles plan: how it envisions a sustainable fiscal path for US
Modern Parenthood Hello Kitty 'terrorist,' et. al: Is zero tolerance suspensions for kids right?
Decoder Buzz Which gun control measures are gaining momentum in Congress? (+video)
Stock breaks $800: Google passes milestone
Opinion 5 factors for peace in Afghanistan
Backchannels Egypt's political elites and their estrangement from the poor
Culture Cafe 'Downton Abbey': 10 of the best tweets about the shocking finale
N. Korea threatens 'final destruction' for South at UN
Focus Going green: Forget the McNugget eaters, target McDonald's itself
Paper Economy NAHB: Housing activity falls in February
Adopted toddler's alleged death-by-abuse in Texas inflames Russia
Focus Stunning reversal? Why 'big paper' just went green in Indonesia.
Opinion A civics lesson for 20-somethings
Energy Voices Will oil pipeline attack push energy companies out of Iraq?
Culture Cafe Was Khloe Kardashian fired from 'The X Factor'?
US security firm accuses Chinese military unit of cyber espionage
Chapter & Verse New James Bond novel will arrive this fall
68 pythons found in Florida Python Challenge snake hunt
Tax VOX Congress makes bipartisan push for online sales tax
Change Agent In Detroit, a nonprofit fights urban blight
'No black nurses' lawsuit: Nurse asked not to touch infant
Thieves pull off multimillion dollar diamond heist in Belgium
Blue Jays ballplayer separates from family over his pit bull-mix dog
Debbie Ford, author of 'The Dark Side of the Light Chasers,' dies
Terrorism & Security Has the door shut on a diplomatic solution to Syria's conflict?
Michael Jordan: 10 quotes on his birthday
Kate Middleton criticized by Hilary Mantel, Booker Prize winner (+video)
Oscar Pistorius, suspecting an intruder, shot girlfriend through bathroom door (+video)
How Nicolaus Copernicus rewrote the rules of the solar system
In Gear World's first car backflip? Mini nails it. (+video)
If church feels empty
Bowling tax? Part of Ohio tax revamp plan.