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Monitor Articles for February 15, 2013

Gun control alone isn’t enough to halt violence, Obama says in Chicago
Russian meteor blast had force of 300-kiloton nuclear warhead (+video)
N. Korea nuclear test: Will it spoil Obama's disarmament plans?
Stocks rise as S&P 500 extends streak
Cruise ship bus breaks down: Another headache for some Carnival passengers
Who owns seeds? Not you, Monsanto says.
Obama's quiet ally: Who's behind gun control bill no one is talking about
India-controlled Kashmir seethes as curfew extends to seventh day
'Stench cruise' fallout: Will it create a stink for Carnival and the industry?
Monitor Breakfast US drawdown in Afghanistan a 'worry' for Pakistan, ambassador says
Tax VOX Spending cuts: five reasons allowing sequestration is bad policy
Bunnies attacking cars at Denver airport
Energy Voices Airbus to ditch lithium-ion batteries – for now
Asteroid flyby breaks records, raises warnings
Vampires in the Lemon Grove
Reader recommendation: The Invisible Bridge
Saving Money PS4 announcement would mean plummeting PS3 prices
Global News Blog Is historical claim behind the mystery group of (armed?) Filipinos in Borneo?
Energy Voices Oil and gas junior companies: What's their end game?
Just how big was that Russia meteor anyway?
Culture Cafe Harrison Ford rumor: Has he signed on for 'Star Wars 7'?
Russia meteor blast produced 2.7 magnitude earthquake equivalent
Decoder Buzz Will Republicans regret the decision to delay Chuck Hagel's nomination?
Huge asteroid won't strike Earth on Friday. But what about the next time?
Decoder Buzz Geraldo Rivera Senate run more likely due to Lautenberg retirement?
As asteroid zips past Earth, exploding meteor hints at what could have been (+video)
Robert Reich Guns, healthcare, and the meaning of a decent society
HTC One will replace One X as flagship HTC device: report
Energy Voices What's China doing in Greenland?
Goodbye, Windows Live Messenger. Hello, Skype.
With Lautenberg exit, what are GOP chances to gain Senate seat?
Modern Parenthood Dogs steal more in the dark, says new study. My cat suggests otherwise (+video)
Rare tiger born at San Francisco zoo
Change Agent Nonprofit 'Sesame Street' nears 1 billion views on YouTube
Paper Economy Industrial production down in January
Why Ecuador's Correa looks set to win Sunday's presidential election
9 musicians who have broken into the literary world
Horsemeat scandal spreads, testing EU's reputation for food standards
Stir It Up! Indonesian-style pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year
Chapter & Verse 'The Aviator's Wife' author Melanie Benjamin is drawn to 'locked doors and hidden closets'
'Zero Hour' star Anthony Edwards discusses returning to TV
Latin America Monitor How does Venezuela's police reform measure up?
Culture Cafe 'Glee' wedding leaves fans shocked on Valentine's Day
Why Mayor Bloomberg opposes legalizing marijuana
Trump Plaza sold: Atlantic City boardwalk centerpiece goes for bargain $20M
Tax VOX Why welfare, food stamps, and other programs often discourage work
Pope approves new head of Vatican scandal-plagued bank
Opinion NATO, US must shore up Libya
Chapter & Verse Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randi Zuckerberg plans memoir about working at Facebook
Chapter & Verse Bestselling author riles many, calling libraries 'no longer relevant'
'No' aims to put viewers in the middle of Chilean politics
'Like Someone in Love' is a little too lightweight
'Prisoner X' case strains Israelis' longtime acceptance of censorship
Barnes & Noble: Nook losses worse than before
Pistorius weeps in court amid charges of premeditated murder (+video)
Meteorite - not the end of the world - strikes Russia's Siberia (+video)
Mayor Maureen O'Connor loses $1 billion gambling, San Diego stunned
Time for a real holiday?
The legacy of London's Iraq War march of 2003
Downton Abbey: Where would they vacation in America?
American Idol: How Angela Miller earned a Top 40 spot (+video)
'Sweet Home Alabama' sung as 'horrible' cruise ends
Terrorism & Security Kenyan court clears Kenyatta for presidential bid, despite war crime charges
Meteor explodes over Russia, injuring hundreds (+video)
Difference Maker Wyatt Smith makes deal with students: Learn Chinese. Go to China.
Top Picks: 'Otello' the opera, candid president photos, and more
Who is 'El Chapo' Guzman, Public Enemy Number One?