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Monitor Articles for February 14, 2013

Shotgun weddings? Vegas pairs guns with love chapels
Medication makes fish eat more, socialize less
Tiffany sues Costco: A ring by any other name?
Stricken Carnival cruise ship nears Mobile, Alabama
Gay marriage passes Illinois Senate: Future murky in House
Why 'zombie' cyberattack is a real concern for Emergency Alert System (+video)
Friday's near-miss asteroid could help track more dangerous ones
Why Republican delay isn't likely to stop Chuck Hagel confirmation (+video)
Dorner manhunt: What does the public have the right to know?
The Vote 'Walmart moms': struggling but hopeful … and estranged from Congress
George Ferris's Valentine's Day gift to science teachers
Carnival Triumph passengers have fewer rights than air travelers (+video)
Cosmic rays' mysterious origin? Supernovae to blame, study confirms.
From preschool to high school, Obama seeking big progress in education
Iran nuclear talks: Will they veer off course?
State of the Union 101: How much in Medicare cuts did Obama put on table?
Horizons Enter the Penguin: Steam for Linux arrives
Horizons Apple prepares to fight for the iPhone name in Brazil
Energy Voices Are oil super majors falling behind the competition?
Energy Voices Tesla vs. New York Times: How well do electric cars stand up to cold?
Energy Voices Keystone XL pipeline protest marks first civil disobedience by Sierra Club
The Afrika Reich
Reader recommendation: Berlin At War
Stocks waver as Europe's economy slows
Donald Marron The balanced budget amendment's $300 billion error
The Monitor's View Plucking a big bone in free-trade talks: food
Immigration reform's tough call: illegal immigrants married to US citizens
How much do you know about Israel? Take the quiz
Latin America Monitor Violence declines in Juarez - but at what price?
American-US Airways $11 billion merger: What's in it for travelers
Maggie Smith, star of popular 'Downton Abbey,' has never seen the British drama
Stir It Up! Red velvet sandwich cookies
Modern Parenthood Valentine's day e-cards: Are they putting card publishers out of business?
Spain's King Juan Carlos fights new pressures to abdicate
Decoder Buzz Immigration reform: how Republicans may gain more than Democrats, after all
Valentine's Day: One of Broadway's most famous romances, 'The Phantom of the Opera,' celebrates its 25th year
Tamagotchi returns: '90s toy becomes Android app
Warren Buffett: Heinz ketchup company to be bought by Buffet firm (+video)
'Safe Haven' is a sudsy-scary weepfest
One Billion Rising: Indonesia joins world discussion on rape
Chapter & Verse George Ferris makes a memorable appearance in Erik Larson's 'Devil in the White City'
Why gun ownership among US women is climbing
Valentine's Day: Is dating at work a good idea?
Opinion View from Iran: World needs rules on cyberattacks (+video)
George Ferris: Here are all 10 of Google's animal odd couples
Ethiopia airs jihadi film amid sensitive Muslim protest trial
Tax VOX Valentine's Day 2013: love and taxes after the 'fiscal cliff'
Opinion North Korea, China do their usual dance
'A Good Day to Die Hard' makes John McClane a little too invincible (+video)
Pope, in parting message, warns of church divisions and infighting
Frank Cruz, USC baseball coach, fired for NCAA violations
Chapter & Verse Bookstore sales dropped just a bit in 2012, says the US Census Bureau
Talking about love: Valentine's Day tales from around the world
Valentine's Day: 12 classic love stories
Culture Cafe This Valentine’s Day comes but once every 20 years
Stir It Up! Frosted brownies for a blizzard or Valentine's Day
New nation, new love: Israel's first soldiers forged lasting bonds on the frontlines
Modern Parenthood 'Newborn' 13-year-old: Mom explains viral photo
Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander killed in Syria: Rebel claim
Opinion This Valentine's Day, a call to avoid the pitfalls of credit-score dating
12 cruises canceled on troubled Carnival cruise ship (+video)
Next for Carnival Triumph cruise passengers? A 2-hour bus ride and $500.
Change Agent Expat Syrian doctors help bind up the wounds of war
RFK Jr. arrested: Celebs, enviros arrested at Keystone pipeline protest
'Beautiful Creatures' plays its supernatural story too straight
LBJ love letters: Romance in a time without Twitter
A bigger heart
Culture Cafe Valentine's Day: Sometimes Hollywood's best love stories don't have happy endings
Terrorism & Security One step forward, one step back on Iran's nuclear program
American Idol Hollywood Week: The Girls are back in town (+video)
Oscar Pistorius, the 'Blade Runner,' charged with the murder of his girlfriend (+video)
In Gear Gas prices to rise in 2013, says Energy department
George Ferris: How a farmer's son invented the best ride on Earth
Verbal Energy What we talk about when we talk about money
American and US Airways to become the world's largest airline (+video)