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Monitor Articles for February 10, 2013

Energy Voices Will leak detection end the oil pipeline impasse?
Obama girds for State of the Union address. His Republican opponents do too.
10 killed in stampede during India's holy Hindu festival, Kumbh Mela
Outgoing general predicts an Afghanistan liberated from foreign intrigue
The Simple Dollar Living off savings: When is it possible?
Steven Seagal joins school guard posse: Do we need more action heroes in schools?
Lebanese military seals off a town involved in Syrian rebellion
Hunt for Christopher Dorner becomes major PR problem for L.A. police (+video)
Afghans flock to India for infertility treatment
787 completes first test flight since grounding
It's a bacon bonanza at Iowa festival
Iran marks revolution anniversary with soaring, defiant rhetoric (+video)
The Monitor's View Obama's hidden nonplan to arm rebels in Syria
Cover Story Egypt's unfinished revolution
New York drivers spent fearful, chilly night stranded in snow
Kashmir protests turn deadly after hanging in New Delhi
How do the Grammys reel us in? Hint: It's not just the awards (+video)
Saving Money Tax preparation: 4 ways to get it for free
In Mali, two suicide bombings could indicate new wave of violence
Two men, two women wounded in Bourbon Street shooting
Latin America Monitor Where's the most expensive McDonald's Big Mac in the world?