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Monitor Articles for November 4, 2013

Bill: Workplace bias and gay rights bill (ENDA) clears its first Senate hurdle
Navy jet crash: Navy training jet crashes in Pensacola
Idris Elba's 'Mandela' to screen for President Obama at White House
Shakuntala Devi and other 'human calculators'
Colorado bill vows education overhaul, but will voters raise taxes to fund it?
LAX shooting: Should TSA officers be armed?
Is thumb burn a chemical weapons violation? Supreme Court takes up case.
Saving Money Everything you need to know about dynamic pricing
Big de Blasio lead over GOP's Lhota in NYC: Anomaly or return to normal?
Change Agent Pamela Anderson NYC marathon run raises $76,000 for Haiti charity (+video)
The Monitor's View Supreme Court takes up public prayer
Energy Voices In Britain, to frack, or not to frack?
Reader recommendation: Enemies Within
RoboRoach cyborg kit: Cruel or educational?
CCSU suspect in custody, lockdown lifted
Donald Marron America's broken budget process
Latin America Monitor Six months into term, Venezuela's President Maduro seeks decree powers
Ballot measure to label GMO foods is a tossup in Washington State
Supreme Court lets stand Okla. ruling against abortion limit; Texas case next (+video)
Pakistan says US drone strikes won't stop Taliban talks
Change Agent Environmentalists work to save a precious patch of Texas blackland prairie
Monitor Breakfast New poll finds grim political environment with worries for both parties
USA Update Obamacare: Warning about shaky rollout came as early as 2010, report says (+video)
Chapter & Verse 'Double Down': What juicy revelations so far? (+video)
Modern Parenthood 3-D printing: Dad builds prosthetic hand for son
'The Everything Store': 5 behind-the-scenes stories about Amazon
Good news on global warming? Emissions going up, but more slowly.
The Simple Dollar Time to sell?
Morsi trial opens new battleground for Egypt's military and Islamists (+video)
Why 18-34 year olds won't invest in Twitter IPO
Shakuntala Devi: Numerical wizard honored in Google Doodle (+video)
Red Sox beards worth $100,000 to Boston One Fund (+video)
Helium-powered hard drive lifts storage capacity to new heights
Iran's hardliners keep 'Death to America' alive on US embassy anniversary
Latin America Monitor New wrinkle in battle over mining in El Salvador?
Energy Voices Coloradans weigh fracking bans. A litmus test for oil and gas?
Kenya seeks Draconian laws to fine and punish its press corps
12 best new children's picture books
Chapter & Verse New 'Wolf of Wall Street' trailer shows more of Martin Scorsese's next release (+video)
Astronauts to launch for ISS, seen live from Times Square
Journalist murders prompt French to ask: How long will we be in Mali?
Robert Reich Why Washington is cutting safety nets when most Americans are still in the Great Recession
Indonesia volcano, Mount Sinabung, spews ash 23,000 feet high
Virginia governor race in the national spotlight
New iPad mini: How does it compare with the iPad Air?
Dress codes set tone for Florida school dances
Adoption group calls for laws to curb online child trade
Stir It Up! Spiced and baked sweet potato fries
Opinion Give me your tired, your poor? Asylum-seekers in the US find shackles
India prepares for first Mars mission
In Gear Best car to buy 2014 nominees
Emile Hirsch will portray comedian John Belushi in biopic
Two planes collide over Wisconsin, everyone survives
Detroit mayor's race: Racial politics out, focus on fixing the city in (+video)
Tropical storm Sonia hits Mexico, weakens
Amnesty International: Jordan is deporting Syrian refugees
Terrorism & Security Former Egypt President Morsi's trial opens; 'This is illegitimate,' he says. (+video)
Waging peace
Apple and Microsoft land a lawsuit punch on Android manufacturers
Readers Write: Bullies need mental health help, too; Peace resonates; Good ideas are contagious