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Monitor Articles for November 25, 2013

Stoning adulterers? New Afghan law could bring back Taliban-era punishments.
Libyan army clashes with Islamist militias in Benghazi: 9 killed
Yale gunman a hoax? 'Yale is safe,' say police.
AMAs: Taylor Swift sweeps prizes at American Music Awards
Obama tells heckler he can't halt deportations unilaterally. Is that true? (+video)
Sandy Hook report answers some questions, but many still a mystery (+video)
Steubenville rape: New indictments send message on adult responsibility (+video)
Comet with two tails? Comet ISON could provide fascinating spectacle.
USA Update Rebecca Sedwick suicide: Mother vows to 'crusade' for tougher bullying laws (+video)
Flying 'jellyfish' robot could mean big things for future surveillance, search-and-rescue technology (+video)
The Simple Dollar 20 ways to save money this holiday season
Confirmed: Apple buys 3-D tech company PrimeSense
Backchannels Does Iran nuclear deal pave way for Syria compromise? Not so fast. (+video)
Wal-Mart announces new CEO. Protesting employees hope for change. (+video)
Ancient Nepali shrine suggests new date for Buddha's birthday
Iran nuclear deal: To preserve the euphoria, much needs to happen (+video)
The Monitor's View China reforms can't stop at water's edge
USA Update Thanksgiving Day: widespread sun after a cold, wet mess (+video)
This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Reader recommendation: The Last of the Doughboys
Amtrak train derailment: Several injured in South Carolina accident
15 best nonfiction books of 2013
China's moon mission could interfere with NASA lunar probe
Xbox One console sales top 1 million in first day, Microsoft says (+video)
15 best fiction books of 2013
Horizons Thinking about switching from iOS to Android? Let Eric Schmidt help.
Oil prices fall after Iran nuclear deal (+video)
Saving Money Thanksgiving and Black Friday by the numbers
Iran nuclear deal 101: eight questions about what's in it (+video)
Who or what are these sports fans rooting for? Take our photo quiz
Africa Monitor Gallup: 14 of the 15 most 'optimistic' countries are in Africa. Why?
Opinion Why Netanyahu is wrong about Iran nuclear deal
Pro-Europe Ukrainians march as Kiev balances Moscow and Brussels (+video)
Stir It Up! Turkey recipes: brine, fry, or a traditional rub?
Thanksgiving storm trudges eastward, threatens holiday travel
Back in Tehran, nuclear negotiators get a hero's welcome (+video)
Chapter & Verse Bible teaches Costco a lesson: genre matters
Upfront Blog The real social network: kindness
Honduras election: what to do when both candidates declare victory?
Robert Reich How the Republican tempest over the Affordable Care Act diverts attention from three large truths
Upfront Blog Spy world: The cost of digging too deep
SpaceX to launch Falcon 9 rocket this evening
Have kids, will travel: 8 tips for family trips
Upfront Blog Warriors with lasting legacies
Is hydrogen the secret to water on Mars?
Opinion Iran nuclear deal: Just a piece of paper for now
Modern Parenthood Radio Flyer no more: kid wagons go luxe
Black Friday trivia quiz
MTV's 'Generation Cryo' follows sperm donor kids
The Simple Dollar (Almost) everything useful I've learned about personal finance in 10 sentences
Change Agent How a small California town curbed a teen suicide epidemic—by talking about it
How fruit flies will get us to Mars
Is China's air defense zone a game changer?
Charities mimic retailers' strategy with 'Giving Tuesday'
Charities latch onto 'crowdsourcing'
For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, mounting piles of debt (+video)
Cosmic daredevil comet ISON will pass sun this week
Saving Money Best Buy Black Friday and the top deals so far
Tom Brady beats Manning (again) as Broncos freeze in the clutch (again) (+video)
Terrorism & Security Thai protesters occupy ministries in disobedience campaign (+video)
Stir It Up! Thanksgiving recipe: Sorghum buttermilk pie
Readers Write: Fracking threatens public safety; Industry can't be trusted