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Monitor Articles for November 2, 2013

Jesus statue in Syria rises 105 feet above civil war
Solar eclipse Sunday: When and where to watch
Decoder Buzz President Obama used to be a popular guy. Now, not so much. (+video)
Two French journalists abducted, killed in northern Mali
Why Toronto Mayor Rob Ford refuses to resign (+video)
Horsemeat lawsuit fails: Greenlight for horse slaughterhouse in US
Lululemon complaints: New yoga pants problems
Missouri Southern State football coach shot, killed, school cancels Homecoming
Upping online monitoring, China aims to stamp out Dalai Lama's voice in Tibet
Shooting of Golden Dawn members prompts soul-searching in Greece
Rare Daylight Saving Time switch: An extra sleep hour with side of 'hybrid' eclipse
Charlie Crist to run as Democrat against Rick Scott for FL governor
Boston Red Sox rolling rally plunges into Charles River
Energy Voices Daylight saving time ends: How to light up the fall (and save money) (+video)
Controversial Honduras general denies death squads
Bernard Goetz, 'subway vigilante,' caught in pot sting
US killing of Taliban's Hakimullah Mehsud sparks Pakistan outrage (+video)
Egypt: Popular political satire show suspended
Kimi Raikkonen, waiting for pay, threatens not to race for Lotus
Texas abortion ruling: Abortions instantly curbed in Texas as nation takes stock (+video)
Broad bipartisan support to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation
Kristin Chenoweth: A pixie cut and a new charity
Pakistani Taliban confirm drone strike, meet to choose new leader
Energy Voices Tesla Motors Model S fires: Another setback for electric cars?
The Simple Dollar When is the best time to start investing? Now.
Global News Blog Madeleine McCann: A new kidnapping suspect emerges in 2007 case (+video)
LAX shooting: Another angry young man (+video)
Europe spies too: Leaked documents point to cooperative surveillance program
'Last Vegas' powerhouse cast discusses their new comedy
Focus Fixing haywire is just one hurdle for Obamacare
Why an Alabama couple chooses no insurance over Obamacare, so far
Bill Russell: 12 quotes about basketball
Basketball's Bill Russell joins the Bronze Age
Road to the NYC Marathon: Runners tell their stories
Red Sox beards to be shaved at Gillette headquarters (+video)
Energy Voices Gas prices hit new low for 2013. Who's paying under $3? (+video)
Myanmar Buddha sculpture returns home after wild ride