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Monitor Articles for November 18, 2013

Keanu Reeves: It was 'very special' to be part of '47 Ronin'
Methodist jury convicts pastor for officiating his son's gay marriage (+video)
Lance Armstrong: Cycling officials covered up my doping
Lion kills lioness: Dallas zoo lion shocks trainers (+video)
Elk euthanized for being too people-friendly
NLRB: Walmart threatened, fired workers for Black Friday protests (+video)
Obamacare sign-ups: How states with their own websites stack up
Congress asks: Is bitcoin a threat or a revolution? (+video)
Obamacare 101: Why do men need to buy maternity coverage?
What happened to Mars' atmosphere? MAVEN now on way to find out.
Horizons Sony unloads a million PlayStation 4 consoles in 24 hours. But what's next for the PS4? (+video)
USA Update Google, Microsoft announce steps to block child porn. Will they succeed? (+video)
FBI as cyber crime sleuth: Is it any match for computer bad guys?
In Gear U.S. now produces more oil than it imports: Good or bad?
Miffed at Obama over Iran, Netanyahu cozies up to France's Hollande (+video)
Dow reaches 16000 milestone, then falls back
The Monitor's View At Iran nuclear talks, put trust on the table
How a self-healing battery could mean more life for your phone
Butterball: Don’t panic, but there’s a turkey shortage (+video)
Over deadly weekend, Libyans say 'Enough' (+video)
Tax VOX Why not use tax preparers as a portal to health exchanges?
Treason charges pit civilian authority against military power (+video)
What does Apple want with 3-D tech company PrimeSense?
BCS standings: Baylor creeps closer to Ohio State
SeaWorld float at Macy's Thanksgiving parade stirs animal-rights outrage
Why didn't Germany's Pirate Party capitalize on NSA anger?
George Zimmerman arrested following Florida house disturbance
Global News Blog Death of Syrian rebel Abdulkader al-Saleh threatens hold on Aleppo
War on 'Greatest Generation'? Critics assail voter ID laws. (+video)
Midwest tornado outbreak unusually strong for November (+video)
Is a deadly Russian plane crash a sign of a failing system? (+video)
Robert Reich What Walmart can learn from Henry Ford
Aid workers struggle to get polio vaccine to Syrians (+video)
Modern Parenthood For online schools, long-distance counseling is challenge and opportunity
Unmanned Aircraft Systems in US skies: Addressing privacy concerns (Sponsor content)
Obamacare and you: Who is exempt from Obamacare? (+video)
The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon
Sachin Tendulkar: the most popular athlete you've never heard of (+video)
Will Chile's next president bring a new constitution? (+video)
Stir It Up! Turkey fryer: Is it on your holiday check list? (+video)
Iran's Arak nuclear reactor: Real dealbreaker or red herring? (+video)
Turkey drops a screen over Christianity
Briefing Russia vs. Greenpeace: It's the Arctic, stupid.
Boeing airliner crash in Russia: Black boxes found (+video)
Olive Press Israel's Women of the Wall inspire 'cutting-edge' fashion line
Supreme Court rejects case on NSA spying on Americans' phone calls (+video)
Why are Russian bombers buzzing Japanese airspace?
'The Wizard of Oz': 10 facts about the classic movie
Taiwan kicks out Gambian ambassador after recognition withdrawn
Culture Cafe 'Almost Human' premiere review: The Fox show is entertaining and intriguing
NASA probe to watch comets Encke, ISON zip past Mercury
Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry will perform at the American Music Awards
Modern Parenthood Dear Justin Lookadoo: Enough with the sexist 'dateable' rhetoric
How MAVEN orbiter could help solve mystery of Mars' missing atmosphere (+video)
Chapter & Verse Louisiana residents choose libraries over jail to receive funds
Chapter & Verse Robert K. Massie's 'Catherine the Great' could become an ABC TV show
Saving Money XBox One, PS4 will be $50 cheaper next year
Focus 50 years after JFK, conspiracy theories of all sorts thrive in America (+video)
At least six dead in Illinois from powerful Midwest tornadoes
Foster parents accused of cuffing child to porch
Dubai Airshow: Boeing gets twice as many orders as Airbus
Readers Write: Valor and empathy go hand in hand; Ultimate bottom line is saving Earth
Global Viewpoint China's Xi Jinping isn't a reformer. He's a pragmatist.
Change Agent Nonprofit serves 1.5 million school lunches across India every day
US-Philippines military ties bolster typhoon relief work (+video)
The Simple Dollar Credit cards and annual fees
Violence against teachers often ignored, task force says
Paris shooting is close to home for former Mexico correspondent (+video)
Jennifer Lawrence will produce and star in film adaptation of 'The Glass Castle'
Internet safety: Google, Microsoft join fight to curb online child porn
USS Chancellorsville, struck by drone, returns to port
UN climate chief gives coal CEOs verbal smackdown
The promise that the government (in Iran and everywhere) is upon God's shoulder
Active volcano found buried in Antarctica
Methodist pastor faces trial for officiating gay marriage
Terrorism & Security Musharraf treason case could provoke new political tensions (+video)
Mt Etna eruption spectacular, captured on video
Saving Money Black Friday deals vs. Cyber Monday deals: What to buy, when (+video)
Stir It Up! Pumpkin maple cream cheese spread