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Monitor Articles for November 16, 2013

3-D technology brings Smithsonian archives to light
GOP: Obama lied about health insurance law
Horizons Why did Snapchat's 23-year-old CEO reject a $3 billion buyout offer? (+video)
JFK mementoes, kept 50 years, mark that awful day
As Toronto turns on him, few loyalists left in 'Ford Nation' (+video)
French debate: Punish prostitutes or their customers?
Boeing 777X to be built outside Washington State?
Boeing 777X: Where will Boeing build new plane?
Eygpt's Islamists call for national dialogue
MAVEN orbiter poised to launch for Mars (+video)
Leonid meteor shower: Where and when to watch
Gettysburg Address: How Illinois school children helped buy a rare copy
Refusal to destroy Syria's chemical weapons sparks Albanian national pride
Army works to destroy incinerators used to burn chemical weapons (+video)
Kepler's greatest hits: four strange planetary systems
Chiarini photo: A push to make 'revenge porn' illegal
Political misstep turns Chris Christie's long-time mentor against him
BART officials call for return to bargaining table
White mayor, black wife: End of another racial taboo? (+video)
Libyan government struggles for control after militia attack on protesters
China hospital ship: Will it help in the Philippines?
Decoder Buzz Health insurance mess puts Obama's credibility on the line (+video)
Missing family found buried in desert. Mystery continues
San Francisco, or Gotham City, pulls together for Batkid
One-child policy change: Don't expect a baby boom in China
Focus The hunt for other 'Earths': Are we getting closer?
Richie Incognito files grievance, Jonathan Martin wants to return
Mothers, fathers, children, friends: Filipinos continue search for missing
Bombing follows draft of US, Afghan security agreement
Michael Phelps: Prepping for Rio Olympics?
Syrian rebels' competition for limited money and weapons turns brutal
In Indonesia, an Afghan refugee family’s uneasy odyssey
'Rock Your Mocs' campaign celebrates the cultures of Native Americans
Netflix: 'The Killing' revival follows Marvel series deal (+video)
Following religious clashes, Pakistan imposes curfew in northern city
Health care: Obama's fix for canceled plans throws insurers a curveball (+video)
Global News Blog Good Reads: From no-strings cash, to a warlord-turned-priest, to a South Pole hike
Will Chile bring back former President Bachelet?