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Monitor Articles for November 14, 2013

Modern Parenthood Celebrating baby's first birthday: Who's the party for anyway?
Coin: Finally, a solution to the overpacked mega-wallet
NASA maps out destruction in the Philippines to aid relief
Stop-and-frisk: New York AG report questions its effectiveness
Energy Voices Eager to change subject, Obama touts healthy energy progress
USA Update Google transparency report curiously opaque, thanks to FBI gag order
Decoder Buzz How Obama arrived at his 'I feel your pain' moment on Obamacare
Typhoon Haiyan: Is an era of super storms upon us?
Florida sinkhole forces evacuation
The Monitor's View How rating colleges can challenge students
Abortion 'abolitionists' cause stir at Texas high schools with graphic photos
Why does the PlayStation 4 cost $1,850 in Brazil?
American Mirror
Texas pipeline explosion: Town evacuated, no injuries
After eight years, a big win for Google Books
Missing trees: Interactive map shows global deforestation
Obama offers reprieve on insurance cancellations, but will it work? (+video)
Judge throws the book at Whitey Bulger, Boston mob boss ... and FBI informant (+video)
Chapter & Verse Google Books case: digitizing 'snippets' of text is ruled 'fair use'
Iran nuclear deal: If Congress plays bad cop, will that help diplomacy?
Egyptian authorities pave over Rabaa massacre
Is your dog descended from an ancient European wolf? (+video)
NFL Week 11 picks: Broncos vs. Chiefs, Pats vs. Panthers, and 49ers vs. Saints
Global News Blog Aid distribution underway in typhoon-stricken Philippines
Janet Yellen at Fed: Would she take stimulus too far? (+video)
Change Agent Woman finds second career providing homes to disabled US vets
Stir It Up! Lamb with celery and cumin
Cursive handwriting: Seven states fight for cursive writing in school (+video)
JFK assassination: 10 'where I was' stories
FAA’s big step forward: Unmanned Aircraft Systems coming to US airspace (Sponsor content)
USA Update Four Marines killed: accounts differ in fatal Camp Pendleton accident (+video)
Paul McCartney: Hey Vlad, don't make it bad for Greenpeace
Long at home in Kenya, Somali refugees feel pressure to leave
Obama backpedals on canceled health insurance plans
Homeownership rate dips after recession – but doesn't plunge
Bill Clinton urges reconciliation in surprise trip to Myanmar
Russia opens its arms to Cairo as US-Egypt ties fray
Modern Parenthood Lululemon controversy stokes already toxic media culture
Chapter & Verse Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere' is restored to New Mexico high school
Chapter & Verse New 'Divergent' trailer shows more action, romance (+ video)
Culture Cafe Ben Affleck will reportedly star in and direct geopolitical thriller set in Africa
Modern Parenthood Multitasking: What a professor knows that students don’t
Antarctic iceberg ditches mainland, sets sail
Marines accident claims 4 lives during safety sweep at Calif. base
St. Peter Relics to be put on display at Vatican
Slammed for being stingy, China boosts aid to Philippines (+video)
Why the 'creative edge' is spiritual
The case for saving cursive writing
Teach on Wednesdays? C'est un scandale!
Ohio execution stay: Child rapist wants to donate organs (+video)
Joan Jett: Why ranchers are upset over Macy's parade choice
Terrorism & Security Egypt's message to the US: We've got Russia
Africa Monitor Is South Africa part of Africa? Jacob Zuma is not always sure
After dystopia, what next?