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Monitor Articles for November 13, 2013

Obamacare: Tiny enrollment numbers highlight problems
Yellen: Fed has 'more work to do'
Officials investigate 4 accidental Marine deaths
Typhoon Haiyan: Was the government prepared?
Pittsburgh shooting near school wounds three (+video)
4 World Trade Center opens, a shining symbol of a vibrant New York (+video)
Businesses cut full-time workers to meet Obamacare mandate, study says (+video)
Obamacare numbers are finally out, and they’re low. Time to panic? (+video)
US military footprint on Philippines could grow after typhoon Haiyan (+video)
Warrantless search: Supreme Court considers a puzzling case
US Airways-American merger: What does it mean for you?
Energy Voices Can Brazil and Iraq sustain world's growing thirst for oil?
The Simple Dollar Compensate for job anxiety with activities, not purchases
Scientists in Australia find what could be oldest known fossils
Gold iPhone 5s selling like it's made of gold
Emboldened by victory over jihadis, Syrian Kurds push toward autonomy
Dallas 1963
Plan to revamp preschools hits Congress, but price tag is big
Sony PlayStation 4 review roundup: A killer console, without the killer games (yet)
From saga to circus: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford takes on city council (+video)
Energy Voices Tesla CEO says no recall necessary after Model S fires
Saving Money How to get your car to 200,000 miles
Stir It Up! Pumpkin gingersnap bars with gingered cream cheese topping
USA Update SeaWorld killer whale: Should trainers swim with orcas? Appeals court to rule. (+video)
The Monitor's View Why US must help Afghanistan kick the heroin-trade habit
Backchannels Is Pakistan putting its reputation as an Al Qaeda safe-haven at risk?
Spectacular NASA panorama shows Saturn, Earth
Finally, kosher fast food at University of Illinois basketball games
What are black holes made of? Scientists closing in on answer.
Latin America Monitor Mexico vs. New Zealand World Cup qualifier: Little to cheer for?
With Moto G, Google's Motorola takes aim at emerging markets
Rod Blagojevich appeal is 'extraordinary,' prosecutors say (+video)
Chapter & Verse Malcolm X's diary: Can it be published without his family's permission?
Global News Blog Relief effort for Typhoon Haiyan victims gaining traction (+video)
Tax VOX The Democrats' never-ending search for tax loophole closers
Netflix rolls out updated, smarter TV interface
Bestselling books the week of 11/14/13, according to IndieBound*
Scientists in Tibet discover earliest known cat fossil
Decoder Buzz Obamacare may not be fixed by Nov. 30. Big deal or 'so what'?
Energy Voices For US motorists, it's Christmas in November. Gas prices hit 33-month low.
Norway weighs going green with its $800 billion pension fund
Obama: 'Redskins' name offends 'a sizable group of people.'
'Asian Unicorn' spotted in remote Vietnam
Why Israel wants more Arab women earning a paycheck
Paper Economy October Employment Situation Report: Better than September, still worse than 2007
Modern Parenthood College applications: Teens on social media can tank their college odds
Chapter & Verse 'Harry Potter' stamps are coming to the USPS
Culture Cafe 'Maleficent' trailer shows Angelina Jolie as the 'Sleeping Beauty' villain
Africa Monitor Despite M23 defeat, no peace deal in Congo
Boycott or friendship? A Commonwealth dispute on Sri Lanka
Starbucks-Kraft dispute: Why coffee company owes Kraft $2.76 billion
Chapter & Verse Film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's 'Dark Places' will star Charlize Theron, Corey Stoll
Chapter & Verse Amazon, US Postal Service partner for Sunday deliveries
Opinion After NSA spying revelations, US must reform rules on secrecy and data
Improving Americans’ lives: How Unmanned Aircraft Systems can help (Sponsor content)
Change Agent Leveling the playing field: a nonprofit helps student athletes rate schools
Africa Monitor Congo leader Kabila must choose between reform – and survival
SeaWorld killer whale appeal: How could it change park's orca shows?
Modern Parenthood Lululemon yoga pant controversy: Namaste turns nasty
Chinese power play: Xi Jinping creates a national security council
Venezuela to businesses: Everything must go - or else. (+video)
Oldest big cat fossil ever found is new species
In Gear Best Car To Buy 2014 winners: Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG, Porsche Cayman
Stevie Nicks will guest star on 'American Horror Story'
My techie son, my new smart phone, new modem, and me
Chicago sinkhole eats up residential street (+video)
Global News Blog Typhoon Haiyan: How you can donate
Cracked windshield forces plane to land in Orlando
Miss Teen USA sextortion case: Hacker pleads guilty
Hacking tool threatens site
Terrorism & Security Lifting state of emergency in Egypt may not change police behavior
Montana bride: Lawyer says police 'shaped' her confession
Typhoon Haiyan: Is aid being distributed fast enough?
Two Daves, one lemon