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Monitor Articles for January 9, 2013

Ted Bundy's mother: Love never waned
Colorado shooting: Judge set to decide if Holmes will stand trial
$1 trillion coin? Unlikely, says White House (+video)
New York City ferry crash injures dozens
Venezuela: Court approves Chávez inauguration postponement
Ohio town, reeling from rape case, sets up website. Can it influence coverage? (+video)
Boeing 787 Dreamliner glitches: How serious are the problems? (+video)
NRA coming to White House: Will there be fireworks?
Energy Voices Jack Lew, picked for Treasury post, has ties to energy (+video)
New Lego robot has bricks for bones, an iPhone for a brain
Oil shows record growth. Will Obama 2.0 warm to fossil fuels?
Debt-ceiling showdown: 4 reasons it's not a replay of 2011
That didn't take long: AIG decides not to sue US over bailout terms
Stocks rise on good company earnings
Europe's recession puts Italian women's workplace gains on ice
Drunk driving: Supreme Court considers whether forced blood tests are OK
Horizons Google's Schmidt takes a techie tour of North Korea
Interest in Jordan's parliamentary elections goes up in smoke
Cheaper Apple iPhone reportedly on the way
Chapter & Verse Poet Richard Blanco is chosen as inaugural poet for 2013
My Autobiography, by Charlie Chaplin
Reader recommendation: Losing Mum and Pup
Chapter & Verse Peter Pan moves to WWII in a new comic book series
The Monitor's View Cry for food in Syria may be opening for peace
Razzies worst-of list includes 'Twilight,' 'Battleship'
Deadly Zorb ride down Russian mountain sparks call for safety code (+video)
Decoder Buzz Why is Sen. Lindsey Graham now Obama's antagonist in chief?
Biden meets with gun safety and victims groups, 'critically important' to act
Stir It Up! Roasted garlic soup
Obama expected to nominate Jack Lew as Treasury secretary
Obama administration not ruling out complete troop withdrawal from Afghanistan
Chuck Hagel, Vietnam vet: Would time as a 'grunt' be a plus at Pentagon?
Tax VOX 'Fiscal cliff' II: predictions about the sequel
As Cuomo prepares 'State' speech, NY lawmakers buckle down on gun controls
Decoder Buzz Congress more unpopular than Donald Trump, head lice
Australia's milder temperatures aid firefighters (+video)
Vox News Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones feud: helping or hurting gun control? (+video)
Baseball Hall of Fame: Judgement day for Bonds, Clemens, and Sosa
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's bid to make schools safer: armed posse patrols nearby
India-Pakistan skirmishes: Will they upend peace talks? (+video)
Will China end prison labor camps?
CES 2013 ushers in TVs built for waving, pointing, and tapping (+video)
Chávez's inauguration in Venezuela postponed. Is that legal? (+video)
NYC commuter ferry crashes into pier, injuring more than 50 people (+video)
10 weird criminal sentences
Opinion Partisan gridlock? Not in Ireland
Rob Ryan fired by Cowboys: Will he join brother Rex in New York?
CES 2013: Panasonic unveils 56-inch OLED TV
Credit card offers: five mysteries explained
Modern Parenthood Couple fined for having garden: Take that, urban vegetable gardening trend (+video)
David Bowie: When will we get that new album?
Chapter & Verse 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette' moves toward the big screen
Culture Cafe 'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale discusses what's next in season 3
In Gear Hybrids, electric cars may be too quiet, says DOT
Syria swaps over 2,000 prisoners for Iranians held by rebels, Turkish NGO says
Eva Longoria will host Latino inaugural salute to Obama
Opinion Why I'm giving up my guns
Suspended for Facebook post about Ho Chi Minh
Change Agent In Kenya solar lamps reduce childbirth risks
James Holmes: Hand puppets, online dating, and tear-gas grenades
Terrorism & Security Japan to boost military budget amid regional tensions
Backchannels The 'Brotherhoodization' of Egypt and its unions (+video)
Rising above the fray
Lincoln leads in British 'Oscars' nominations, Spielberg snubbed
Modern Parenthood CDC: Binge drinking among teen girls increasing
Fuel leak temporarily grounds another Japan Airlines Boeing 787
Focus Cyber security in 2013: How vulnerable to attack is US now? (+video)
Focus Cyberwar: Who's been attacked? Who are attackers?
Target offers year-round online price matching of Amazon, Wal-Mart (+video)
Donald Marron $1 trillion coin: Should Obama exploit the Treasury's platinum loophole?
What's in that name?