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Monitor Articles for January 8, 2013

Egg farm investigation leads to 10 arrests
Tax returns on hold till Jan. 30 (+video)
Will Lance Armstrong confess to Oprah? (+video)
Fisher-Price recalls 800,000 baby seats (+video)
David R. Ellis dies: 'No foul play,' say police
Ohio rape case: Evidence on social media creates new world for justice (+video)
How hot was 2012? Hottest on record in US, by a long shot (+video)
WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning was treated improperly in lockup, judge rules
Robert Reich Want to avoid bailouts? Break up the big banks.
Tax reform: If both parties love it, why doesn't it go anywhere?
Energy Voices Canadian oil sands pollute nearby lakes. Report is blow to Keystone pipeline.
Stocks slip ahead of earnings season
Baseball Hall of Fame quiz, worthy of any candidate
Benghazi investigation falters amid fear of militant reprisals
Google launches free Wi-Fi network in New York
At CES 2013, the name of the game is 'ultra HD'
The Monitor's View With Hagel at Defense, what would be America's 'special role'?
In Belfast clash, three police officers injured
Drunk driving: Can blood-alcohol test be forced? Case reaches Supreme Court.
4 mysteries with great locations, finely detailed plots
Britain debates: What should European welfare look like?
Stir It Up! Book review, author Q&A, and salt and pepper shrimp
Reader recommendation: The Man Who Planted Trees
Modern Parenthood Kim, Kanye buy mansion for $11 million: Will $3 million baby photos be down payment?
Global News Blog Israelis offer a 'Yom Huledet Sameach' to Ben Yehuda, resurrector of Hebrew language
Second Japan Airlines 787 Dreamliner problem at Logan Airport
Karzai meets Obama: How will they shape a post-2014 Afghanistan?
Bestselling books the week of 1/10/13, according to IndieBound*
Chapter & Verse Publication of a book on Scientology is cancelled in the UK after legal threats
2012 hottest year on record in the US by large margin
Chapter & Verse Print book sales fell in 2012 – but no faster than they did in 2011, says Nielsen
Latin America Monitor A losing battle for Venezuela's opposition?
Poaching crisis escalates with 'targeted, efficient' slaughter of 12 Kenya elephants
Tax VOX Why the 'fiscal cliff' deal is an incentive to give to charity
Border raids give India-Pakistan peace process a reality check
AIG, saved by US bailout, now considers suing US government
Modern Parenthood Baby names advice: Keep it to yourself
The ferret: Pet or pest?
Mother’s little helper? Microwave zap prevents bread mold
787 Dreamliner struck by electrical fire at Boston airport
Vox News Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones on gun control: Who won wild debate? (+video)
Central African Republic preps for peace talks as regional troops arrive
Wildfires, aided by hot conditions, rage across southeast Australia
Paper Economy Food stamp use drops in October
Tunisian suspect in Benghazi attack released
'Enough': Gabrielle Giffords speaks out against guns two years after Tucson
Opinion Why Evangelicals are the new partners for immigration reform
Global Viewpoint How Asia and China can revive the West's waning institutions
Does Depardieu herald Russia as a tax haven for Europe?
Hagel nomination: Israelis ask 'what's the big deal?'
Energy Voices A look at the future of biofuels
Eurozone unemployment reached record high in November
Three accused in high-profile Indian rape case find willing legal help
Mariah Carey on 'Idol' and more: A preview of winter TV
Stefan Karlsson Is a $1 trillion coin the solution to the debt crisis?
Hagel's often blunt words are fodder for critics
Focus Do French women need feminism?
Change Agent The 'gift economy' offers a rule-breaking way to relate to others (+video)
Focus France's 'boys will be boys' mentality challenges gender equality
Terrorism & Security British soldier killed in latest 'insider attack' in Afghanistan (+video)
Gabrielle Giffords enters gun-control fray against the NRA (+video)
Player engaged midcourt, video goes viral (+video)
Welcoming correction
AJ McCarron leads Alabama to BCS title over Notre Dame (+video)
Hillary Clinton given helmet as joke (+video)
In Gear Energy Department to increase biofuel funding by $10 million