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Monitor Articles for January 25, 2013

Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman: Bickering billionaires go public
Monster storm expected to explode in Atlantic. It may be one for the books.
US sees signs that China is tiring of North Korea's antics
Immigration reform: White House says promised push begins next week
Judges slap down Obama 'recess appointments.' Case headed to Supreme Court?
Energy Voices Chevron explores Morocco oil, undeterred by Algeria crisis
Social Security and Medicare: Do you get back what you pay in?
Stocks rise with S&P 500 in longest winning streak since 2004
Robert Reich How Obama is unraveling Reagan Republicanism
Murray outlasts Federer in Australian Open semis
Super Bowl commercials 2013: The 4 best sneak previews
Global News Blog What the Dalai Lama said about the India rape case at the Jaipur Literature Festival
Latin America Monitor Trickling down: Latin America's glacier problem
Time to build, not protest? On revolution anniversary, Egyptians disagree
Mass extinction? Man may still have time to catalog Earth's species.
Gatorade ingredient controversy prompts drink maker to change recipe
Energy Voices Should colleges divest from coal, oil?
For French troops nearing rebel ground, Mali fight is no ordinary mission
Heroin: Small cities, even rural towns face growing problems
Title IX redux? Education Dept. says school sports can't shut out disabled.
Monitor Breakfast The Foster Friess soundtrack: top quips from the GOP megadonor
Tax VOX What you should know about the Earned Income Tax Credit
As Mexico's traffickers ship drugs north, they leave addicts in their wake
A cheaper Surface tablet? Microsoft hints it may be on the way.
Women in combat units: Could it reduce sexual assault in the military?
Decoder Buzz The 'stupid party': Is GOP's concern what's said or how it's said?
15,000 crocodiles escape in South Africa? Police need herding help after floods
North Korea lashes out at the US and South. How big a threat?
Russia's Vladimir Putin says West is fomenting jihadi 'blowback'
Culture Cafe 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters': What are the reviews saying?
Global Viewpoint Italian elections: Monti vs. Berlusconi and a test of democracy
Welfare lottery ban: N.C. lawmakers discuss prohibition for welfare recipients, the bankrupt
Foreign adoptions by Americans fall, number of worldwide orphans rises
Paper Economy Home sales fall in December
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: Newtown shooting and a holiday concert, interrupted
The dung beetle as celestial navigator
14 acting legends over 70
Coachella 2013: Check out the lineup
Opinion North Korea threatens US – what about its own people?
The Super Bowl: 10 football books to gear you up for the big game
Why secretary of State permits pipelines – and other anachronisms
Culture Cafe 'Suburgatory' star Jane Levy discusses how her character Tessa will change this season
When Britain talks Europe exit, who cares about 'euro crisis'?
Lego Racism? Muslim Turks complain about Jabba the Hut
Egyptians mark uprising anniversary with protests (+video)
Change Agent Four seriously cool ways nonprofits are using crowdsourcing
Sundance 2013: Documentaries shine in Utah
Jessica Lynch, ex-prisoner of war, on women in combat
Rob Lowe plays a high-powered political fixer in 'Knife Fight'
Stir It Up! Cranberry white chocolate granola bars
Russell Erxleben, former NFL kicker, charged for Ponzi scheme
French and Malian forces push toward key Islamic rebel stronghold: witnesses
On North Africa's western flank, long-simmering conflict causes unease
Toward a life of order and harmony
Terrorism & Security After threatening the US, North Korea turns its ire on South Korea
Chapter & Verse 'Games Without Rules' dominate Afghanistan's tangled history
McDonald's Fish McBites and Filet-O-Fish get 'sustainable' label
American Idol: In Baton Rouge, judges behave and contestants impress (+video)
NTSB: Boeing 787 batteries show signs of short-circuiting
The Painted Girls
Robert Reich The rich, not the poor, must make sacrifices
Difference Maker Rachel Goble helps stop sex trafficking of impoverished children
Top Picks: A book on the history of Columbia Records, a PBS special that studies the life of Henry Ford, and more