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Monitor Articles for January 17, 2013

Aurora theater reopens: Is movie-watching 'healing' or 'callous'? (+video)
30 hostages killed? Algerian hostage event over, casualties still uncertain
Escaped grizzly cub: How did "Booboo" escape?
How a 'hopelessly out of date' law makes you a computer criminal
Pauline Phillips a.k.a. 'Dear Abby' leaves legacy of wit and warm advice (+video)
30 hostages killed? Casualty counts vary in Algerian crisis
New York's new gun law: How might the NRA challenge it in court?
Algeria hostage crisis brings world to North Africa's anti-Islamist fight (+video)
Lance Armstrong confesses. Can Livestrong survive? (+video)
Is Boeing's 787 Dreamliner too high-tech for its own good? (+video)
Paper Economy Jobless claims decline by 37,000
So if the US really hits the debt ceiling, then what?
Keystone XL pipeline, global warming on Obama's energy agenda
Energy Voices OPEC forecasts record US oil supply growth in 2013
Stocks surge on housing starts, jobless claims
Iran-IAEA wrap up nuclear talks, agree to meet again
Islamists promise fight across Sahara, but response disjointed (+video)
The Monitor's View Lance Armstrong doping confession: In any sport, drugs are drugs
Tax VOX Did the 'fiscal cliff' deal create the tiniest tax bracket ever?
In rural America, some sheriffs vow to defy Obama on gun control
Europe backs French Mali mission with strong words, modest means
French forces in Mali take bridge at key north-south river divide
Decoder Buzz Could gun control be the new gay marriage?
Does top mobster's murder signal a return to Russian mob wars?
In jab at iTunes, Amazon releases iOS-optimized MP3 store
A bounce-house addition to the International Space Station?
Beyond gun control: Will Obama's plans make schools safer? (+video)
Free calling comes to Facebook Messenger (with a couple catches)
Chapter & Verse Kobo doubles sales in a crowded e-reader market
Decoder Buzz NRA defends ad with Obama daughters. Right or wrong? (+video)
Could Britain move away from EU and toward the Commonwealth?
Presidential quotations: Test your knowledge of second inaugural speeches
Got sugar? Venezuela faces shortages of staple foods
Israeli voters flock to 'brother' Naftali Bennett - but not all his policies
Algerian 'Battalion of Blood' kidnapping fracas results in 6 dead, 25 escaped, reports say
Opinion As a gun owner, I agree with Obama's proposed ban on high-capacity magazines
Change Agent Using Hollywood to teach people about disaster giving
Culture Cafe 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV show: How fan favorite Coulson could return
Utah avalanche survivor meditated, had a serene feeling of safety
Modern Parenthood China pollution: Airpocalypse and the expat parenting dilemma
Opinion India gang rape: How to reduce violence against women
Pakistan's anticorruption board refuses to arrest prime minister, but cleric keeps pressure on
Stir It Up! Bacon, mushroom-stuffed chicken breasts
Galaxy S III, Lumia 920, Note II: Three phones that rival Apple
Are you as well-read as a 10th grader? Take our quiz.
The Barbarous Years
Reader recommendation: Proof of Heaven
Paper Economy Housing market flat in January
Modern Parenthood Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax: Parents, be wary of 'Catfish' relationships (+video)
Syrian activists report 106 killed in raid on civilians, call for UN action
Manti Te'o at Notre Dame: Who knew the girlfriend was a hoax?
American Idol Season 12 spotlights new judges over contestants (+video)
Terrorism & Security Algerian hostage crisis heightens as scores are reported dead (+video)
Obama's gun-control proposals: Will Republicans get on board?
Counteracting the flu: make room for health
Twenty hostages escape from Islamic militants in Algeria, reports
Boeing 787s grounded in US. Jets at risk for battery fires.
In Gear Top 10 car ads ranked at Detroit auto show
The rise of the DJ culture
Give me an old-fashioned word