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Monitor Articles for January 16, 2013

Algeria: Identities of hostages still unclear
Boeing 787s grounded for now (+video)
Climate change alters ecosystems from Walden Pond to 'The Shack'
Algerian militants take hostages, 41 foreigners
Obama, NRA clash over gun control (+video)
Gun debate 101: How would this assault-weapons ban be different?
Mark Sanford: Will South Carolina residents vote for him again?
Paper Economy Industrial production rises in December
Horizons Pedaling to the top: How bicycles stormed the Detroit auto show
Sandy Hook 'truthers' harass Newtown man, conspiracy theories go viral
Pentagon a quiet force in gun-control debate. What does it want?
Energy Voices Clean energy: a 'politically popular' solution to climate change
France gets deeper in Mali war: Are they ready? (+video)
Opinion On gun control, Obama picks a fight
The Monitor's View What Obama's gun proposals left out
Stocks mixed; Boeing drags Dow down
Gun debate 101: Time to ban high-capacity magazines?
Oprah interview: Can Lance Armstrong rehabilitate his image?
The Simple Dollar Before you trash it, wear it out
Some 100,000 flee Darfur, many villages burned, 100 dead: UN
Unveiling gun control initiative, Obama cites 'common-sense measures'
Algerian militants: We hold 41 foreigners, including 7 Americans (+video)
Tax VOX Japan tries fiscal stimulus (again)
Michelle Obama: 10 quotes on her birthday
Global News Blog Kumbh Mela: A million man dip
Progress Watch Good news from Central America: Homicides fall in Guatemala, El Salvador
The Big Truck That Went By
Obama makes Page 1 in Israel ahead of elections, after US columnist quotes
Housing rebound? Homebuilder confidence reaches seven-year high.
Conrad Bain of Differ'rent Strokes dies
Modern Parenthood Frank Zamboni: We hardly knew you
More than 8,000 NYC school bus drivers on strike
Energy Voices Detroit auto show: the future of energy-efficient cars and trucks (+video)
Gulf between Israel's female powerhouses highlights country's deepest tensions
Lance Armstrong may not be done confessing to Anti-Doping Agency
Why Washington and its debt woes eclipse 'jobs' as public's top concerns
Paper Economy Mortgage rates jump to 3.5 percent
Decoder Buzz More conservatives plead with GOP to abandon debt-ceiling ultimatum
Drugs in sports: A quiz
Opinion Long history of US school shootings means Obama is right, NRA is wrong
Backchannels Tahrir, the saddest square in the world?
Stir It Up! Smoked salmon frittata with caramelized onions and spinach
Chapter & Verse New book 'Unhitched' puts writer Christopher Hitchens on trial
Israeli elections: The 5 candidates steering the debate
Russia sets its sights on the moon - again
Chapter & Verse An unexpected discovery yields a charming children's book
Modern Parenthood Rescue dog traded in: Gov. Rick Scott fesses up on missing Lab
Chapter & Verse "A Memory of Light": A longtime fan remembers the journey
Decoder Buzz Is it wrong for NRA to drag Obama's daughters into gun-control fight?
Reader recommendation: Lives Like Loaded Guns
Islamic militants attack Algerian gas field, kidnap at least nine
Chapter & Verse Anne Hathaway will star in a film version of 'Taming of the Shrew'
American Idol: Can the $36 million judges revive the show?
French troops set to engage Mali militants 'in coming hours' (+video)
Terrorism & Security Trouble at the line: Another soldier killed in India-Pakistan sparring
Inuit Greenlanders face chilly life in Denmark
Culture Cafe Rachel Bilson drops by 'How I Met Your Mother' and offers an important clue for viewers
'Zero Dark Thirty' director responds to criticism of torture scenes
Teacher with phobia of young children sues school for discrimination
Robert Reich Chuck Hagel vs. the neocons
Focus How much Quran belongs in the classroom?
Focus Egyptians begin to take back their clunker classrooms
NYC bus strike: 152,000 students affected
The 25 best musicians of the Rock era
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar: Fifth member to exit Obama Cabinet
Change Agent Nonprofits respond to the Delhi gang-rape case (+video)
Helicopter crashes into construction crane in London, killing two (+video)
2 killed in college shooting in Kentucky: Domestic dispute blamed (+video)
Joining hearts and hands in prayer
Remembering Frank Zamboni, the original 'Iceman' (+video)
Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Tokyo. Boeing 787 flights grounded. (+video)
Tax VOX Why a budget deal isn't going to happen in 2013
Verbal Energy A fascination with vanishing languages
US demands Morsi repudiate 'deeply offensive' comments