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Monitor Articles for January 14, 2013

How well do you know MLK? Take the quiz!
NASA unveils last moon video by doomed spacecraft
Rapes, bombings drive half a million refugees out of Syria
Cop knowingly left his child in a hot car to die, say prosecutors
Lance Armstrong confesses to doping: Tapes tell-all with Oprah (+video)
12-year-old guilty of murdering neo-Nazi father
Hillary Clinton will testify at Benghazi hearings
Global News Blog Good Reads: Thick financial fog, unskilled workers, self-helped Americans, and a forgiveness that heals
Decoder Buzz How to tackle gun violence: 5 things liberal groups want
Why US is helping France fight Islamist forces in Mali, Somalia
In Gear Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel debuts at Detroit auto show
Energy Voices Air pollution in Beijing: Off the charts and (now) on the agenda
French government unfazed by massive anti-gay marriage protest
French public backs Mali intervention, but for how long?
The Monitor's View How to debate Obama's gun proposals
What is Pakistan's 'million-march'?
Obama warns of 'disaster' if House GOP doesn't raise debt ceiling
War crimes in Syria: Time to appeal to International Criminal Court?
Stocks little changed as Apple slips
Djokovic, Sharapova, Williams win matches at Australian Open
When 'Spiritual But Not Religious' Is Not Enough
Reader recommendation: Traveling Women
Refugees no more, Liberians ponder if they're ready to go home
Tax VOX Income tax vs. sales tax: What's better for Louisiana?
L.A. Nordstrom Rack hostage drama: Five arrested
Lance Armstrong apologizes (but no confession) to Livestrong staff
Stir It Up! Love in the new year, and learning to make Vietnamese spring rolls
Kate, William, and baby make three: Do you know the youngest British royals? A quiz.
Chapter & Verse Amazon kicks off its Breakthrough Novel contest
Risky Java software: Oracle issues emergency fix to thwart hackers
Indian Army chief warns Pakistan not to tempt retaliation in Kashmir
Decoder Buzz Obama's refusal to negotiate on debt ceiling: Smart or risky? (+video)
The Daily Reckoning Is the US a nation of dependents?
Transocean stock up as Icahn buys stake
Latin America Monitor Venezuela cracks down on TV station questioning Chávez move
Back in Afghanistan, Karzai shifts tone on US troop immunity (+video)
Golden Globes: 8 book adaptations that won
At Supreme Court, no reprieve for GOP in voting rights consent decree
With latest Corvette, GM resurrects the Stingray name
Has demand for the iPhone begun to flag?
Natalie Wood death certificate was changed. Why? (+video)
Amy Poehler, Tina Fey host a Golden Globes that shut out broadcast television (+video)
Heavy smog in Beijing prompts uncharacteristic government transparency (+video)
Decoder Buzz Does Donald Trump think the Oscars revile America?
Kremlin: Adoption ban needed to create 'Russia Without Orphans' (+video)
The Simple Dollar Save money with an 'alternative list'
Silvio Berlusconi must face 'Heartstealer' trial
Wildfires uncover drug lab in Australia, but miss big telescopes (+video)
Chapter & Verse Trips to heaven top bestseller lists
Opinion How to keep talented teachers from leaving
Newtown group to launch anti-violence initiative (+video)
Opinion For US and Europe, governance by brinkmanship
Report: Rape a 'major reason' refugees flee Syria
Colin Kaepernick sets off the 'Kaepernicking craze' (+video)
Aaron Swartz death fuels computer-crime debate
Egypt orders retrial for Mubarak, bringing on further uncertainty
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Creamy cauliflower soup with herbed olive oil
NFL playoff thrill-a-thon: Flacco’s fling, Kaepernick’s runs; Falcons' escape. A Week 19 quiz
Energy Voices Natural gas, oil prices: why the long-term forecasts are wrong
Change Agent Reviving Europe’s biodiversity with exotic animals
Longer school year: Will extended school day add competitiveness?
Shane Vareen: Third-string New England Patriot emerges as playoffs star
Swatch to buy jeweler Harry Winston in $750M deal
Gang-rape trial faces delay as court tries to determine suspect's age
Culture Cafe Golden Globes: What do the winners mean for the Oscars?
Havana scraps exit visas, but most Cubans won't be going abroad
NRA: Not enough votes in Congress to pass assault weapon ban
14 Republicans who might run in 2016
In Gear Corvette Stingray wows at Detroit auto show (+video)
Terrorism & Security Mali Islamists threaten to retaliate 'at the heart of France' (+video)
Golden Globes: 'Argo' surprises, and so does the Jodie Foster speech
TNT Express takeover abandoned by UPS. $6.9B deal nixed.
Kate's due date is July; Prince William won't be dad of twins (+video)
Connecticut school shooting: Demolish or renovate Sandy Hook school?
Adele says pregnancy enriched her 'Skyfall' performance (+video)
NHL lockout: CBA gives players defined pension plans. How rare is that?
'Curiosity': good name for a Mars rover