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Monitor Articles for September 6, 2012

Biden praises Obama's 'courage to make the tough decisions' (+video)
Curiosity makes tracks on Mars (+video)
Neil Armstrong will be buried at sea
French Alps murders: 'Absolutely heartbreaking' (+video)
Gabrielle Giffords: Strong, amid cheers (+video)
Guantánamo: Judge rejects US bid to limit lawyers’ access to detainees
A roundup of fall TV shows
Cybersecurity: Where do Republicans and Democrats stand on threats?
Israel faces off with African migrants on Egyptian border
Rover Curiosity update: after month on Mars, a pause to stretch (+video)
Quantum 'teleportation' distance record broken
Paper Economy Private employers add 201,000 jobs in August
Another 'No Easy Day' revelation: dramatic SEAL search for POW
Stocks soar to highest level in four years
Pioneering way to fight sexual assault on campus: phone apps
Why Democratic platform uproar points to deeper challenge for party
Pakistan government expels Save the Children staff for alleged ties to CIA
Jury convicts Drew Peterson of 3rd wife's death (+video)
Spectacular photo shows Mars rover tracks from space
Briefing Obama vs. Romney 101: 5 ways they differ on military issues
Russian nuclear support for Iran limited by distrust
The Monitor's View Integrity and the Harvard cheating scandal
Quebec shooting suspect: His gun jammed, saving lives, say police
Europe's bank promises to rescue ailing economies, but with strings
In Somalia, battle looms for militants' last major stronghold
London's Metropolitan University: is higher-ed door too easy to open?
Horizons New RAZRs: Motorola introduces its first phones under Google
Bill Clinton speech: Did it clear way for Obama, or create a hurdle? (+video)
3 outstanding 2012 novels
Stir It Up! Organic vs. non-organic foods: Why I'm still going to buy organic
On ocean floor, a shrimp that vomits light
Chapter & Verse Can Kobo compete with iPad and Kindle?
Opinion Not true, Mitt Romney: History shows business experience doesn't make a good president
Briefing Colombia - FARC peace talks: 4 things you need to know
Arizona illegal immigration law gets final go-ahead from court
Verbal Energy 'I'm finna start training so hard …'
Oil that washed ashore in Louisiana during Isaac came from BP Gulf spill
Jet returns to Philadelphia over 'nasty trick' phone hoax
Health-care system wastes $750 billion a year
MacGyver in space? Astronauts fix space station with toothbrush. (+video)
Decoder Buzz Democratic convention platform debacle: How much will it matter?
Paper Economy Jobless claims fall by 12,000
Bottom trawling wrecking ocean floor, study finds
Opinion Obamacare champions personal responsibility. The states that hate it don't. (+video)
GOP ad asks women: 'Is Obama the boyfriend you need to dump?'
Decoder Buzz Elizabeth Warren speech: Stirring, or a stretch of the facts? (+video)
The Simple Dollar Insurance: Why do we need it?
Stir It Up! Tender and flavorful: Grilled Asian flank steak
French Alps murders: Is there an Iraq connection? (+video)
Lake Erie: Dead fish turning up by the thousands on northern shoreline
Out at the edge of the solar system, surprises for Voyager 1 (+video)
Chapter & Verse Democratic National Convention: a wild ride in 1924
US Airways jet returns to Philadelphia after liquid explosives tip
Culture Cafe Neil Gaiman returns to 'Doctor Who'
Human Rights Watch report alleges wider Bush-era waterboarding, brutal treatment
Latin America Monitor What if technology could undermine drug violence in Brazil?
Insider attacks: How US and Afghan troops see the mission now
Glenn Beck rant against American Airlines: Will it hurt revenue?
The Reformed Broker How low borrowing rates slow the economy
Change Agent Preserving Mexico's folk art masks
Hollywood-style LA bank heist included kidnapping, fake bomb (+video)
Modern Parenthood Honey Boo Boo: Does her salary make her holler?
Terrorism & Security Syrian troops recapture rebel-held town, cutting off refugees
China’s Bo Xilai scandal takes new turn with indictment of ex-police chief
Leslie, now a hurricane, moving toward Bermuda
Vladimir Putin, leader of birds (+video)
Beyond debate and dialogue
Decoder Buzz Bill Clinton speech: Has he become Obama's defender-in-chief? (+video)
European Central Bank to take action? Global markets wait and hope.
Saving Money Some credit cards can replace car-rental insurance
Julian Castro’s daughter punctuates convention speech with hair toss