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Monitor Articles for September 28, 2012

Horizons Apple apologizes for botched iPhone 5 maps app
US, Mexico in food fight over tomatoes: How messy will it get?
Hillary Clinton: Iran will do 'whatever it takes' to prop up Syrian 'crony'
As sales lag, Nissan offers Leaf discounts
Where did the mammoth US budget deficits come from?
Netanyahu's 'red line': Does drawing a line actually work?
Facebook Gifts: Great for friends, bad for privacy?
Stocks stumble towards end of solid 3Q
Bo Xilai did 'massive harm' to China's Communist Party, say officials (+video)
Jimmy Hoffa: no visible sign of remains, but forensics lab to weigh in
Upfront Blog Reading the Quran in a new way
Ryder Cup 2012: US, Europe tied after initial matches
'Won't Back Down': A film to spur parent-led coups on public schools? (+video)
College football superfan challenge: A 'Top 25' exam
Horizons Life after passwords: Mozilla releases Persona online ID system
The New Economy America's best jobs program? Trade reform with China.
Tax VOX Five ways to tax the 47 percent
Activists: Now, yes now, is the time for US to push for MidEast peace
Netanyahu's simple bomb graphic confuses the nuclear experts
The Monitor's View A rare apology in the Middle East. Cherish it.
When Al Shabab's last stronghold falls, will a guerrilla war follow?
Modern Parenthood Obama, human trafficking and teachable moments on a difficult topic
Georgia's elections pit anti-Russian president versus conciliatory challenger
Think you know the odd effects of global climate change? Take our quiz.
Decoder Buzz For Obama and Romney, time to play 'The Debate Expectations Game' (+video)
Indiana Jones plot comes to life as Nazi Buddha revealed to be carved from meteorite
'Gods Like Us': 6 stories of Hollywood from Ty Burr's new book
'Perfect Pitch': Cheeky, snarky and hits all the right notes
Paper Economy Realtors: Home sales decline in August
Change Agent New California law kickstarts home-based food businesses
Culture Cafe Chevy Chase harsh on sitcoms, unimpressed by Louis C.K.
Romney tax plan: Is it 'mathematically impossible' or not?
Modern Parenthood Parenting on 3-year-old time: Smell the roses, watch the ants
Latin America Monitor Brazil: As prison populations grow is it time to rethink policy on drugs?
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel: movie review
Maggie Gyllenhaal in 'Won't Back Down' takes on public schools
Stir It Up! Ricotta and wild mushroom ravioli
Reese Witherspoon welcomes baby boy "Tennessee James"
Energy Voices Energy alchemy: Navy turns sea water into jet fuel
Why has it taken Britain eight years to extradite Abu Hamza?
Modern Parenthood Warm tortillas: There’s no competing with rural Mexican mothers
Ancient streambed latest clue in Mars water mystery
Opinion Note to tweeting #Romney, #Obama campaigns and #journalists: Chill
BofA pays $2.43B in Merrill-Lynch lawsuit
Kenya gets tough on hate speech ahead of polls
Dodging the law, scouring forests for...ginseng?
US Postal Service to default on multi-billion dollar payment. Again.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt time-travels in 'Looper': movie review (+video)
In Gear My Nissan Leaf life: How I almost leased one online – until my wife found out
Palace won't complain over naked Prince Harry photos as it has for Kate
Sandusky Victim No. 1 to reveal his identity in new book
Timothy Geithner pressures SEC to change money-market rules
China's leadership shakeup: What's next for Bo Xilai and the Communist Party (+video)
Origin of black holes' monstrous energy blasts discovered
Order returns to gridiron: NFL referees receive cheers, hugs, and standing Os
Global News Blog Taiwan enters island fray, but China and Japan shrug
Haiti bans plastic bags and styrofoam containers
J. K. Rowling's new book: Gritty and darkly humorous
Carmageddon II: Los Angeles preps for freeway closure sequel (+video)
Chapter & Verse What books to assign to a group of inmate-students?
Energy Voices Oil production in US hits highest level in 15 years
A lesson from a waterfall, one drop at a time
Decoder Buzz What does President Obama need to do in the debates?
The X Factor wraps up auditions . . . finally
Why George Soros waited so long to donate $1 million to help Obama
Nakoula Basseley Nakoula behind bars, but not for anti-Islam YouTube video
Terrorism & Security Syrian rebels launch 'unprecedented' battle for control of Aleppo
The Troubles are over. So why is Northern Ireland still so unsettled? (+video)
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: School lunch, sisterly guidance, and hamburgers
Saving Money Best laptop deals of the week
Difference Maker Bruce Lasky trains young lawyers in Asia to defend the poor and powerless
Top Picks: Running late? There's an app for that, West African music, and more
The high-flying art market
Verbal Energy Earworms and the 'mononymous' phenomenon
Tesla charging station: Almost as fast as pumping gas? (+video)
RIM surprises market: More people are using BlackBerrys (+video)