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Monitor Articles for September 23, 2012

White House pressured to tell more about Benghazi attack
In Gear Smaller car? Bigger insurance claim.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: 10 quotes on his birthday
Candy, cereal, cookies: Farmers keep cows going on creative feed alternatives
Morsi says under his rule Egypt will be more independent from US
Cover Story How rising food prices are impacting the world
Iran could launch pre-emptive attack on Israel, says Iranian senior commander
US State Dept. blasts CNN report on Stevens' diary
IKEA removes Pussy Riot-like photo from its Russian site
Unemployed and overlooked: Labor force rate of participation down drastically
Suicide car bomber kills 2, injures 45 during Sunday Mass in Nigeria
The Simple Dollar Single family home too pricey? Consider sharing.
Poll finds high level of distrust in the media. Anybody surprised?
Amid opposition boycott, Belarus leader praises 'boring and calm' election
Obama, in election mode, tightens his UN diplomacy
God and mammals: In Kenya, religious leaders pray to thwart poaching
Energy Voices Expiring tax credits threaten wind industry jobs
Global News Blog Are Syrian shells raining biological agents down on Lebanese?
Is Lebanon becoming Syria's Western front?
Verizon iPhone 5 secret? It works on AT&T, too.
Senate to EU: US airlines won't pay carbon tax