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Monitor Articles for September 2, 2012

Fed independence at risk ... from GOP?
Iraq oil exports hit 30-year high
Gas prices highest ever for a Labor Day
In Gear Carpool from your phone: Ride-sharing apps take off
Now surge-tested, levees around New Orleans get post-Isaac inspections
Briefing Obama vs. Romney 101: 4 ways they differ on gay issues
Robert Reich This Labor Day, inequality abounds
European automakers ready for Detroit-like cuts
Blasphemy case: Christian girl's accuser arrested for planting evidence
Desmond Tutu: Bush and Blair should 'Answer for their actions'
Coal-dependent businesses fight to hold on, as industry shrinks
In Japan, better with age
How BMW reinvents the factory for older workers
Cover Story The silver-collar economy
Obama, Romney snipe as Democratic National Convention nears
Remnants of Issac head for the Midwest, recovery slow in the Gulf
Israel evacuates 300 residents from illegal settlement outpost
GOP attacks Biden as a 'governing liability'
Latin America Monitor Transparency in Mexico: Information doesn't come easily
Voter ID and early voting cases heat up in courts across the country
The Simple Dollar You better shop around. For a mortgage.
US suspends training of Afghan police forces amid uptick in insider attacks
Muslim cleric arrested for framing Christian girl accused of burning a Quran
A move to show ownership, Tokyo officials survey disputed islands
Cross-border romance: a balm to Europe's national tensions?
Progress Watch Back to school: From rural Africa to the Ivy League