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Monitor Articles for September 17, 2012

30 inmates escape from Mexican prison near US border
Thousands of LSU student return to dorms after bomb threat (+video)
Calif. Coptic Christians denounce anti-Islamic film, filmmaker in hiding
Endeavour's final flight, to a museum, grounded due to weather (+video)
Japan digs in, suspends services to China (+video)
How damaging is Romney's 'victims' comment? (+video)
Secret Flame: new evidence of mammoth cyberspying program against Iran
Obama in Ohio: Why is he swiping at Mitt Romney over ... China? (+video)
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney changes his strategy. Why the shift now? (+video)
The Simple Dollar Curb your need for speed
Occupy Wall Street stages a comeback: What did it accomplish? (+video)
How is Obama ahead in 8 of 9 swing states with the economy so weak?
Chicago teachers strike: Why Rahm Emanuel's court gambit may backfire (+video)
Backchannels Is the Islamopocalypse really upon us?
Apple hits new high as stocks slip slightly
How Arab Spring turned into protests and 'Death to America!'
Latin America Monitor Bolivia cuts coca cultivation: What about cocaine?
The Monitor's View Muslim protests as a gauge of free speech
Housing prices: Agents make houses sell for a lot less. On purpose.
Robert Reich The Fed can't create jobs all by itself
Horizons iPhone 5 pre-orders top 2 million in 24 hours: Apple
Horizons Microsoft to ring in Windows 8 with major launch event
India: Bring on the Wal-Mart greeters
Culture Cafe 'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 premiere explores old and new character motivations
Italian magazine runs Kate Middleton pictures, despite royal protests
Change Agent Mobile tech helps farmers save time, water, electricity
Energy Voices Conventional wisdom about unconventional oil is probably wrong
Energy Voices A look at Democrats who support coal (Sponsor content)
Chapter & Verse Grief and the US Civil War: a conversation with Drew Gilpin Faust
Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban join as judges: Has American Idol jumped the shark?
Stefan Karlsson 'Two Inflationary Days': A clarification
US embassy in Lebanon destroying classified material
Appearance of explosive WWI relics underscores Alps glaciers' retreat
Latin America Monitor FARC names 'political' team for peace talks
Prisoners released in Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi visits Washington
Mysterious Martian spheres baffle NASA researchers
Energy Voices Let Iran have its nuclear technology
Are insider attacks in Afghanistan a 'last gasp' of the Taliban? (+video)
China moves to quell anti-Japanese demonstrations
10 ways the Android is better than iPhone 5
Culture Cafe Ellen DeGeneres in 'Finding Nemo 3D': Is it worth seeing in its new format?
Modern Parenthood Cold feet? Pre-wedding jitters of bride is divorce indicator
Obama, stung by Romney, hits China on trade
Paper Economy A pessimistic present and optimistic future for manufacturing
Orbiter spots 'dry ice' snowflakes falling on Red Planet
Opinion Time to argue for Islam's humane view of blasphemy
Decoder Buzz Why divisions in Romney campaign might matter
3 views on whether US still needs affirmative action
US urges calm in China-Japan dispute (+video)
Upfront Blog You can call me "A.I."
The Art and Making of ParaNorman
Wave of protests continue against anti-Islam film (+video)
Iran says saboteurs cut power to nuclear site (+video)
Fire in the Ashes
Elizabeth Smart, kidnap survivor, marries in Hawaii
A Chinese police chief faces secret trial (+video)
Baby panda, born at National Zoo, still hiding
Battle of Antietam anniversary recalls Civil War's deadliest encounter
Teen sexting: Strong link to risky sexual behavior
Reader recommendation: Ernie K-Doe
Tensions rise between China and Japan over disputed islands
The Simple Dollar Pay your bills on time
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Quinoa-stuffed baby eggplant
Record-setting female astronaut Williams 'psyched' to take command of ISS (+video)
iPhone 5 frenzy sets sales record, causes back orders
Culture Cafe Fall TV schedule: Your guide to every premiere date
Terrorism & Security Iran's Revolutionary Guard admits to providing military assistance in Syria
Afghanistan anti-US protests heartfelt and spontaneous (+video)
Global News Blog Russia reveals shiny state secret: It's awash in diamonds
Milla Jovovich leads weekend box office, ahead of 'Finding Nemo' 3D
Japanese firms brace for violence in China over disputed islands (+video)
Space station crew lands safely after shortened mission (+video)
Gas prices, not jobs stats, are key numbers for voters (+video)
American Idol judges: Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban sign, ahead of New York auditions (+video)
Four American NATO troops killed in Afghan 'insider' attack (+video)
Japanese shops, factories close in China after violence
Artificial versus real intelligence
Readers Write: Test scores can't measure teachers; Poor civics education threatens US democracy