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Monitor Articles for September 15, 2012

Stefan Karlsson Two inflationary days
Obama faces major challenges in dealing with Libya attack
The Simple Dollar Ignoring the sales pitch
Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – AKA 'Sam Basile' – questioned in anti-Islam video (+video)
In Gear Gas taxes vs. fuel restrictions: Which is better for reducing emissions?
Strike-ending 'framework' in place for Chicago teachers as Big Labor flexes muscle
Chinese protesters clash with police outside Japanese embassy (+video)
Anti-Putin protests waning? Tens of thousands of Russians say no.
President Obama pays tribute to Americans killed in Libya (+video)
Judge tosses Wisconsin union reform: Why judges are dismantling the GOP agenda
How do you revive Occupy Wall Street? Occupy Wall Street.
The Simple Dollar Raise your deductible. Lower your monthly bill.
Libya attack political fallout: Obama as Carter? Romney as Nixon?
Ethanol industry's big stand on Capitol Hill
Everything you need to know about budget 'sequestration' – except the consequences
Obama's record on job creation: How good or bad?
Energy Voices Energy tycoon Pickens backs Romney
For these four nations, 2012 is worse than the Great Recession
Stir It Up! Cookbook review: The Artisan Soda Workshop