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Monitor Articles for September 13, 2012

End to Chicago teacher's strike grows closer (+video)
16-year-old Mexican hit man, 'El Nino,' linked to 50 murders
Who made the anti-Muslim video? What L.A. County knows but is not saying (+video)
Horizons iPhone 5 pre-order opens Friday. So how does the new Apple phone handle?
Romney continues criticism of Obama's handling of Middle East (+video)
Conflict in the Middle East: Benefit or detriment for Obama? (+video)
Prosecutor's arguement against former UBS trader begins Friday
Congress takes first step to avert a government shutdown
Early voting: Why Justice dropped its challenge of Florida plan
Energy Voices Does OPEC really have 80 percent of the world's oil? Maybe not.
The Reformed Broker QE3: What happens now?
The Fed's new plan: Will buying mortgage bonds create jobs?
Sean Smith: Diplomat showed gaming generation's online influence
Yemen embassy breach lays bare anti-US sentiment, military weakness
New findings overturn Libya temperature record
IAEA steps up pressure on Iran with condemnation of its nuclear defiance
As global economy slows, Chinese factory shifts sights from Europe to home
Fed stimulus sends stocks soaring to 4-year high (+video)
Conning Harvard
Energy Voices Romney energy plan: pro-drilling, anti-regulation, and mum on climate change
Guatemala volcano erupts, forcing 33,000 to evacuate homes
Why do Election 2012 swing states matter? 5 resources to explain.
What 'rogues and vagabonds' have to do with Pennsylvania voter ID law
The Monitor's View Why bike sharing will make cities friendlier
Tax VOX Do corporate tax breaks benefit the middle class?
How would the US pursue 'justice' in Libya?
Horizons Wii U hits stores Nov. 18. Nintendo reveals prices.
Modern Parenthood Jessica Simpson, Levi Johnston: bikinis, guns, and babies … oh my
Clara Schumann: Five ingredients for a child prodigy (+video)
Decoder Buzz Egypt embassy protests: Will Mitt Romney's comments matter in November? (+video)
New, azure-buttocked monkey species discovered in Congo
Decoder Buzz On one issue, most Americans agree: They think President Obama will win (+video)
Opinion Anti-US attacks in Libya, Egypt, Yemen: Put security first
Free speech vs. reverence for Muhammad: Can they coexist?
Robert Reich Health-care costs shift from employer to employee
Chapter & Verse In today's economy, are women surging while men lag?
Latin America Monitor Does Chavez challenger have a shot in Venezuela's presidential race?
Reddit rises as Web's best conversation
Staunchly Catholic Poland takes a new look at easing abortion laws
In Gear A drop in gas prices on the horizon? Maybe.
Chapter & Verse Philip Roth encounters trouble editing his own Wikipedia page
Energy Voices Which came first: economic growth or the energy to sustain it?
Global News Blog Russia's Medvedev plays 'good cop' on Pussy Riot
Health-care insurance: Coverage expands as law kicks in
Why 'Fly Me to The Moon' was sung at Neil Armstrong memorial (+video)
Opinion Harvard cheating scandal? It could be bad teaching.
Briefing Apple vs. Samsung: Who owns smart phones?
Energy Voices The upside to an economic downturn? A decline in emissions
Culture Cafe 'The Dark Knight Rises': Will there be a director's cut?
Change Agent Nigeria's Okonjo-Iweala seeks reform without the 'godfathers'
Chicago teacher strike: Talks to end strike make progress
Octomom goes ‘home’ to a cheaper digs for her brood of 14
Dutch voters go centrist, shun euroskepticism
Controversial voter ID law goes before Pa. high court
Roald Dahl: 10 quotes on his birthday
BAE and EADS talk aerospace defense merger; stocks slide
Miraculous survival for SUV driver in 50-foot plunge
Honey Boo Boo: Creating a redneck stereotype target?
Paper Economy Jobless claims increase by 15,000
Post-embassy attack, Egyptian President Morsi's silence deafening (+video)
Housing rebound? Foreclosures dive in August.
Latin America Monitor Gulf Cartel capture: Why arresting Mexico's Eduardo Costilla matters
McDonald’s adds calorie counts. Will other chains follow? Yes
Will Britney Spears and Demi Lovato revive The X Factor? (+video)
Terrorism & Security Anti-film protesters target US embassy in Yemen as Egypt protests continue (+video)
In God we trust
The Coptic Christian in California behind the anti-Islamic film
Facebook stock gets a much-needed Zuckerberg boost
Why Clara Schumann would still be one of today's sassiest musicians
In Gear Prius Plug-in off to a strong start
Voter ID law backed by Republicans faces legal test in Pennsylvania
Return of a castaway