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Monitor Articles for September 12, 2012

Violence erupts in Venezuela when challenger campaigns in Chavez stronghold
Libya attacks made political: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spar (+video)
Elite Marines sent to Tripoli in wake of Libya attack (+video)
Horizons 4G LTE: How fast is the new iPhone 5?
Commonly used rail car has dangerous design flaw
Can Obama-Netanyahu rift over Iran be put on hold for the election?
US incomes fall to 1989 levels. How did that happen?
Obama response to Egypt mob 'disgraceful'? Most Republicans steer clear.
Mars rock hound: Rover Curiosity prepares to head for unique formation
Consulate attack lifts lid off Libya's security problems
Chicago teachers strike: Illegal under Illinois law?
Obama's health-care law saved Americans $2.1 billion: Is it working?
Libya attack: Who's behind the inflammatory YouTube video?
Global News Blog Libya, Egypt riots: Can anti-Islam speech be shut down?
The Simple Dollar Save money on insurance by bundling policies
Backchannels There may be no anti-Islamic movie at all
Facebook gets results? 2010 vote experiment worked, scientists say.
Horizons iPhone 5 features: faster, slimmer – but not exactly overhauled
Libya attack: Pentagon sends elite Marine team to protect Americans
Stocks up after European rescue fund ruling
iPhone 5? The 11 best uses for your old iPhone
Libya attack graphically marks rise of fundamentalist Muslims
California a political model? Golden State has most competitive elections.
Blasphemy riots: less about theology, more about power plays
New Somali president survives terrorist attack, faces daunting job
Stir It Up! Tea and marriage, separation and fried chicken
In Gear The most fuel-efficient cars that aren't hybrids
U.S. News college rankings: not the only way to judge schools
Jerry Wipes: Smudged glasses. Viral video. Now, a Cowboys product.
Ambassador Chris Stevens killed in Libya: Is Arab Spring turning against US?
Modern Parenthood Chicago teachers strike: Mom’s long view of city’s work stoppages
Blasphemy riots: 6 examples around the world
Backchannels Behind the anti-Muhammad movie – a new pastor Terry Jones?
Modern Parenthood Breastfeeding professor: Students get lesson in nursing debate
The Monitor's View Islam's answer to the killing of US envoys in Libya
Decoder Buzz Good news for Romney? Obama ramps up ad buys in Wisconsin (+video)
Modern Parenthood Poverty rate unchanged: Mom says hard times teach her kids compassion
French Alps killings: Investigation showcases European police cooperation (+video)
Energy Voices Tensions mount in South China Sea. Here's how to ease them.
The Simple Dollar Make the most of your insurance discounts
Iran redux? Could killing of US ambassador sway presidential race?
Chesapeake Energy sells assets to focus on oil
Opinion US must actively work for regime change in Iran (+video)
How many calories in a Big Mac? McDonald's to list calorie counts
Energy Voices In coal-reliant West, a shift to natural gas, renewables
Robert Reich Are US credit ratings in trouble again?
Pleistocene Park? Scientists edge closer to cloning woolly mammoth.
Libyan officials condemn consulate attack, question security
Where does dark energy come from? New simulation could reveal origins.
Culture Cafe 'Elementary': Is it a fresh take on Sherlock or a tired retread?
Focus Obama or Romney? Why 5 undecided voters are still on the fence.
Eurozone worries ease on German court's bailout fund ruling
iPhone 5: Does your teenager really need a smartphone?
Energy Voices Europe has had enough, but can it stand up to Gazprom?
Dutch vote could affect how EU tackles debt crisis
Credit history: What your college kid needs to know
Amateur astronomers spot humongous explosion on Jupiter (+video)
Top 5 bullying myths
Paper Economy Mortgage rates fall to 3.62 percent
Amanda Knox: Ex-boyfriend says 'bizarre' behavior led to police suspicion
Backchannels US Ambassador murdered as extremists on all sides win, again
Pakistan factory fires claim over 300 lives (+video)
Where iPhone 5 fits in the latest lineup of phones, tablets
German backing of ESM bailout fund lifts oil futures
Putin: I'm 'grateful' to Romney for proving me right about missile defense
Rotten egg smell traced to California's Salton Sea
Jesse Owens: 10 quotes for his birthday
My Berlin Kitchen
Killing of US envoy to Libya underscores threat of unchecked religious fanaticism (+video)
Where is that fountain of youth?
Change Agent Cash rewards spur poor communities to pay for sanitation projects
Terrorism & Security Israel-US spat: A help to Iran? (+video)
Stefan Karlsson Are free markets the secret to Sweden's success?
Verbal Energy Something we should stop having done
Facebook CEO hints at mobile, search initiatives. Shares rise (+video)
UBS whistleblower: prison, then $104 million reward
Health-care premiums rise three times faster than wages