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Monitor Articles for September 11, 2012

Chicago: Why is the teachers strike ongoing? (+video)
In Egypt, Libya fierce clashes cause damage, death (+video)
On solemn 9/11, immigrants celebrate new lives as American citizens
Tiny wasps snack on deadly spiders
Chicago strike: Parents support teachers, but for how long? (+video)
Decoder Buzz Why campaign 2012 didn't really stop on 9/11
9/11: US troops today feel more appreciated, but still poorly understood
Paper Economy Job openings and hires decline in July
New DARPA robot could make Marine pack mules obsolete (+video)
On a Farther Shore
Stocks rise in anticipation of Fed meeting
Chevy Volt: GM's loss leader under new scrutiny
Protesters scale US embassy walls in Cairo over prophet 'insult' (+video)
Horizons iPhone 5 launch: What to expect from Apple's new phone
UBS whistleblower: IRS pays tax cheat informant $104M
Ex-prof Amy Bishop pleads guilty to killing Alabama U colleagues
Why Obama wants Chicago teachers strike to go away – fast
The Monitor's View Hard lessons in liberty for the Middle East
In Gear In defense of the Chevy Volt: How much does it really cost GM?
Culture Cafe Former Olympics physician's radical principle is examined in documentary
FAMU blames hazing victim for his own death: Heartless or prudent?
New 'SNL' cast: Three newbies will debut this fall
Murray's US Open tennis win caps spectacular British athletic summer
Bestselling books the week of 9/13/12, according to IndieBound*
Chapter & Verse So low, so fast: E-book prices drop following settlement
Scientists release list of world's 100 most threatened species
Man Booker Prize: 6 nominees on the shortlist
Decoder Buzz Romney 9/11 speech: Chance to make up for convention omission?
Will NASA's Mars rover find signs of life? A Q&A with a Curiosity astrobiologist.
Afghans take over Bagram jail: A step forward for justice?
Chapter & Verse 'Wuthering Heights' film is first to cast black Heathcliff
The Simple Dollar Living below your means
Chicago teachers strike: Vacations for students, for good or ill
Opinion Time to shift out of crisis mode, Europe
Latin America Monitor Hope for peace in Colombia, despite obstacles
Culture Cafe 'Star Trek 2' official title is revealed?
Questions grow over Iran's influence in Iraq
Angelina Jolie: Will her visit to Jordan help Syrian refugees? (+video)
Horizons Will City Lens be the Nokia Lumia 920's 'killer app'?
Readers Write: The perils of allowing women in combat
Opinion Why I miss Ross Perot: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama ads are full of outright lies
Killing Yemen Al Qaeda's No. 2 is no death blow to the group
Somalia gets a new president
Monitor Breakfast Nancy Pelosi: We're not ceding one grain of sand to Republicans
Decoder Buzz President Obama's convention 'bounce': Is it already starting to fade? (+video)
Euro debt crisis top of mind as Dutch head to polls
With Mexico's election results upheld, what's next for the YoSoy132 movement?
Paper Economy Fannie Mae delinquencies down in July
Randy Jackson will be an American Idol judge, Take 12
Change Agent A lab uses remote sensors to measure how well aid projects work
Russia: Try again on Syria talks, Assad might be willing to go
Energy Voices Carbon-neutral natural gas? A lab breakthrough but ...
Modern Parenthood “Morning wars” détente: Surviving bad socks and permission slips
Why China, Japan, and S. Korea aren't backing down on island disputes (+video)
Focus Syria's rebel fighters vow no mercy for their own pro-regime family members
Focus My daily commute - into war-torn Syria
Stir It Up! How to make plum jam
Focus The uneasy normal of 'Free Syria'
The Simple Dollar How to find the best rates on home and auto insurance
Modern Parenthood Do you know your toddler’s "slave footprint"? Mine has 20 slaves
Go Daddy outage hits small businesses hardest
Yemeni defense minister unhurt after deadly bomb attack (+video)
Obama, Romney pull negative ads, eschew politics, on 9/11 anniversary (+video)
BP pays $1.5 million in gas recall
Rotten egg smell: Is Salton Sea source of California's big stink?
Did Mars have ancient oceans? Maybe not, new study says. (+video)
Panetta hints bin Laden book author may be punished (+video)
Tropical storm Leslie hammers Newfoundland
With early voting, Election Day is around the corner, even if Nov. 6 isn't
Terrorism & Security Netanyahu criticizes US refusal to draw a 'red line' on Iran
NFL's first female referee: Shannon Eastin's debut game
In Chicago strike, teachers draw a line on education reform (+video)
Modern Parenthood Choosing a college major: Parents have a balancing role
Help for God's creatures, from His creation
Monitor report: Charged with murder, Indian Army officer got passport, fled to US
9/11 museum construction will resume; cost dispute resolved
Where is China's Vice President Xi Jinping? (+video)
In Gear Chevy Volt: GM's green-guzzling green car?