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Monitor Articles for August 28, 2012

Venezuela oil fire is out. Two days for refinery restart?
Hurricane Isaac hits land in Louisiana (+video)
Rick Santorum attacks Obama over welfare reform waiver. Was that fair?
Arctic ice shrinks to record low (+video)
Horizons How Apple Geniuses get inside our heads
Hurricane Isaac: New Orleans braces for test of its storm preparations (+video)
US debt as convention gate-crasher: Can either party solve problem on its own?
NASA's Mars rover beams song back to Earth (+video)
Chris Christie's big hope in GOP convention speech: an Obama repeat (+video)
Republican convention looks like a tea party gathering
Fuel-efficient US cars? Obama sets target of 54.5 mpg by 2025.
Parts of Arctic now 'like a giant slushie' (+video)
Monitor Breakfast What did John Boehner actually say about GOP and minority voters?
Decoder Buzz Artur Davis and Charlie Crist star in 'The Party-switchers Game'
Baby beluga whale born at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium
A model for conservation in China? The Tibetan antelope
Quran burning report a window on growing Afghan-on-US violence
Myanmar removes names from blacklist. What does it mean for reform?
The Simple Dollar Beware the homeowners association
The Distance Between Us
Reader recommendation: Cat's Cradle
Gas prices spurt as Gulf's rigs, refineries brace for hurricane Isaac (+video)
French push for Syrian provisional government: premature?
Ann Romney: an enigmatic first lady-in-waiting (+video)
Focus Using Chinese star power to fight ivory poaching in Africa
Bestselling books the week of 8/30/12, according to IndieBound
Mombasa riots deepen concern about religious tensions in Kenya
French authorities to investigate Arafat's death
Windows 8 upgrade: Is the new 'modern' interface a good move?
Horizons Sure, Apple wins and Samsung loses. But does Nokia win, too?
The Monitor's View For those in path of hurricane Isaac, a lesson from Irene
Horizons Time Warner rings in new network. How's 128 megabytes per second sound?
Rick Santorum: Why his convention speech matters (+video)
Opinion 4 ways to prevent natural disasters from becoming human tragedies
Chapter & Verse Please burn your 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' urges one British charity
Israeli court dismisses Corrie family's lawsuit, ending effort to put army on trial (+video)
Hurricane Isaac slows, sucking up energy over the Gulf (+video)
Mars rover beams back spectacular photos, NASA greeting
Opinion How the GOP convention could help – and harm – Mitt Romney
Decoder Buzz Should Chris Matthews be fired for 'race card' rant at RNC chief? (+video)
Global News Blog Russia's Putin: 'Galley slave' or Persian Gulf monarch?
College costs: Have the talk about financial literacy now
Paper Economy Home prices rise, but is it just the season?
Colombia sets the stage for FARC peace talks
Briefing Obama vs. Romney 101: 3 ways they differ on regulation
In Turkish border city, Erdogan's backing of Syrian rebels draws ire
Global News Blog No clear winners in trial of Anders Behring Breivik
The Reformed Broker GOP may embrace Ron Paul and the gold standard
Amish hair attacks: Hate crimes trial of Amish splinter group begins (+video)
Roger Federer quickly bests Young at US Open
Latin America Monitor Venezuela's refinery explosion: one for the history books
Rachel Corrie: Israeli court rejects US activist's family lawsuit (+video)
Modern Parenthood Perry Hall High School: Shooting and bullying? Not so fast
Consumer confidence index takes a big hit in August
GOP Convention: Chris Christie, Ann Romney to hype, humanize Romney (+video)
As British press hold back on Harry pics, worries of a media chill
Apple wins, provides list of Samsung products it wants banned from sale
Stir It Up! Summer joy: Tomato, brie, and herb pasta
Robert Reich George W. Bush is the GOP's real Hurricane Isaac
Decoder Buzz Which cities have the inside track on hosting political conventions?
Maryland school shooter facing attempted murder charges
Island dispute, 'comfort woman' statue put edge on Japan-South Korea ties
European Central Bank prez skips key financial meeting, NASA team up for first song from Mars (+video)
Karl Rove: 5 deep thoughts at start of GOP convention
Terrorism & Security Mombasa riots stretch into second day as extremist group tries to rally Muslims (+video)
Change Agent A cross-border park spurs water cooperation in southern Africa
Global News Blog Japan demands investigation into attack on ambassador's car in China
Only Love's atmosphere
Economist Mom Marissa Mayer and the 'mommy track': Is the work/life balance truly possible?
Typhoon Bolaven hits South Korea, killing five (+video)
As Isaac nears hurricane strength, New Orleans braces for flooding (+video)
Arctic sea ice melting, sets record low (+video)