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Monitor Articles for August 27, 2012

Will the Colombian government make peace with FARC rebels? (+video)
With Katrina in mind, residents prepare for Isaac (+video)
Will Curiosity inspire like Armstrong? (+video)
Isaac surges as GOP convention begins (+video)
Vox News '2016: Obama's America' – Will political documentary sway undecided voters? (+video)
What does it take to be a gay Republican? For one thing, a long view
'Science Guy' Bill Nye takes aim at evolution deniers
School supplies are given out to Detroit students
Medicare: Republicans say they're ready to rumble. Is that wise?
US soldiers punished over Quran Burning in Afghanistan
Americans see Mitt Romney as candidate for the rich, poll finds
The Reformed Broker The market holds its breath
Bad news for Romney: More interest in GOP platform than in speech, poll says
How much food does one family waste?
Horizons iPad Mini set for launch this fall: report
Monitor Breakfast Are Republican convention and platform too long? John Boehner thinks so.
In Gear My Nissan Leaf life: How an electric car hit my budget
Horizons Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion? Not so fast.
Earthquake 'swarm' in southern California: nuisance or threat?
Muslim cleric's killing sparks riots in Kenya
Latin America Monitor What will Venezuela learn from its Amuay refinery explosion? (+video)
Could tropical storm Isaac actually help break US drought?
Tropical Storm Isaac expected to hit Gulf Coast as hurricane
In Gear Taking your car complaint online? Chrysler, GM, and Ford will see it.
Roger Federer: Is Andy Murray ready to beat the world's No. 1?
The Monitor's View Neil Armstrong: A giant leap for modesty
Little League World Series: Japan crushes Tennessee in championship final
Tropical storm Isaac: Will it drown out Mitt Romney's big moment?
Obama hails Neil Armstrong as an American hero (+video)
Pakistani prime minister buys time in Supreme Court conflict
Turkey wants safe haven for refugees in Syria. Will UN – or NATO – oblige?
Modern Parenthood Election 2012: Family lessons and the right to a secret ballot
What other astronauts are saying about Neil Armstrong
Ron Paul delegates mounting floor fight over new convention rules
Arctic ice reaches record low, could worsen global warming (+video)
Md. high school student shot at random by classmate: Police
Why Apple escalated its war on Samsung – and won
Saving Money Is your college student properly insured?
Neil Armstrong remembered as a 'reluctant American hero'
Gulf Coast evacuations begin ahead of Isaac (+video)
Severe attack on Palestinian teen spotlights conflict's impact on Israeli youths
School supplies: More toxic than toys?
Serena Williams: Why she is the favorite at 2012 US Open
One small step: Was Neil Armstrong misquoted?
Decoder Buzz Is Michelle Obama the Democrats' secret weapon? (+video)
Culture Cafe 'The Newsroom': Looking back on season one
US Open: Samantha Stosur's road to a repeat starts here
Did Taliban behead 17 people for dancing? Maybe not.
In desecration of crosses, Russia's Orthodox church sees dark warning
Poll: Obama vulnerable on economy, Romney weak on voter approval
Syrian rebels claim to shoot down government helicopter (+video)
The Simple Dollar Housing prices negotiations stalled? Why closing costs are your best bargaining chip.
Vivienne Jolie-Pitt's acting is supported by parents
Latin America Monitor Venezuela: Can calls for gun control trump election year divides?
GOP convention going forward despite impending storm Isaac
Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, passes away (+video)
Upfront Blog Convention watch: The speech's the thing
Venezuela refinery fire burns for third day
'Coalgate' scandal roils India's politics
Opinion In shunning African refugees, Israel ignores Exodus' call not to 'oppress the stranger'
Charlie Crist to speak in favor of Obama at DNC (+video)
Snooki welcomes baby Lorenzo
Modern Parenthood Mother-daughter wedding planning: A lesson in parent diplomacy
Box office results: Expendables 2 punches up second box office win (+video)
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Grilled portobello burgers
British police pursue mysterious lion: Real or rumor?
The Reformed Broker Four questions for a commission-only broker
Conn. nuclear plant unit closed due to too-warm seawater reopens
Change Agent SOIL turns human waste into compost in Haiti
How to pick a safe back-to-school backpack
Tropical Storm Isaac bears down on New Orleans ahead of Katrina anniversary (+video)
Briefing Obama vs. Romney 101: 5 differences on education
New border fence: Arizona plans its own 200-mile fence
Ron Paul's swan song: Has he launched an enduring movement? (+video)
El Salvador rattled by 7.3 earthquake late Sunday
How a cartoonist raised $1 million (and counting) for a Tesla museum
Terrorism & Security 'Atrocity on a new scale'? Syrians piece together story of Daraya massacre
Gas prices rise as Isaac throttles the Gulf
Tax VOX Fiscal cliff vs. tax-cut extension is gloom or doom. Is there another way?
Conventions, justice, and mercy