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Monitor Articles for August 25, 2012

Venezuela's refinery explosion its worst ever
A domestic clean-tech industry? US aid backfired.
Hurricane Isaac delays start of Republican National Convention in Tampa
Neil Armstrong: modest man, large footprint in time and space
In Gear Are compacts better than subcompacts for gas mileage?
Interview: President Obama on Romney's 'extreme' views
NYPD: Police bullets hit all nine wounded in Empire State shootout
UN eyeing Texas invasion? Probably not, but ‘civil war’ fears abound
Robert Reich Romney's lying machine
The Daily Reckoning Hitler and the false lure of more is better
Tropical storm Isaac sweeps across Haiti toward Cuba, Florida
Apple's $1 billion verdict against Samsung: What's next for consumers?
Joe Biden scraps plan to crash GOP party as Isaac storm takes aim
Briefing Obama vs. Romney 101: 5 differences on women's issues
In Gear Greener cars have improved L.A. air quality
Does Apple patent victory mean fewer smartphone choices?