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Monitor Articles for August 20, 2012

Autopsy: Arkansas police car shooting was suicide
Moscow: Will police find other Pussy Riot members? (+video)
Facebook stock: Early backer sells most of his shares
Republicans urge Akin to leave Senate race (+video)
Obama warns Syria of 'enormous consequences' (+video)
NASA to launch new mission to Mars to probe below the crust (+video)
Prop. 37: Will California be first state to label genetically modified food?
Next Mars mission to probe Red Planet's core
Did Todd Akin just cost GOP a US Senate takeover? (+video)
Phyllis Diller: Her hilarious wisdom still rings true (+video)
Augusta National admits first women – all two of them (+video)
The Monitor's View Charity begins where?
Stocks edge down as doubts mount about ECB action
Pussy Riot: the anonymous band behind the high-profile conviction (+video)
As grain prices rise, so does Germany's debate over biofuel
Apple stock: the market's new MVP
When did modern humans first arrive in Asia? Skull pieces could hold clues. (+video)
Pakistan's black marketers cheer reopening of NATO supply lines
Pakistani president wades into 'Down's Syndrome' blasphemy case
Curiosity Mars rover gets ready to roll (+video)
Todd Akin says he's staying in Senate race, despite furor over rape comment
The Simple Dollar Mortgage shopping? Get an HUD-1 form. What's that?
Global Viewpoint Will America kill the curiosity that sent the rover to Mars?
Special needs students stay in traditional public schools as others leave
Jodi Picoult quiz: How well do you know her books?
Leaky valve on space station delays spacewalk (+video)
Garcia wins rain-delayed Wyndham golf; FedEx playoffs next
Curiosity rover begins vaporizing Mars, one rock at a time (+video)
With end of long strike at Caterpillar, a blow to US labor movement
Latin America Monitor Viva Assange! Latin American groups rally around Ecuador's asylum decision. (+video)
As Patriots (and pro sports) go solar, will fans follow?
Ponderosa fire in Northern California forces evacuations
How Russia transformed Pussy Riot into international cause célèbre (+video)
Voters say they're not better off than four years ago. Trouble for Obama?
Apple stock makes it the most valuable company ever
Reader recommendation: The Hour of Sunlight
Saving Money Housing prices: How much house can you afford?
The Entrepreneurial Mind Small business revenues are the most important predictions you can make
Some South African miners back to work after shooting
All-male Augusta National invites first female members
Chapter & Verse Merriam-Webster adds 'e-reader,' 'gastropub' and more
Healthy lunches for kids require organization
Did researchers spot Amelia Earhart's plane? (+video)
Mars rover Curiosity zaps ‘Coronation’ rock with rapid-fire laser (+video)
Stir It Up! Michelle Obama hosts first 'Kids' State Dinner'
Culture Cafe Bruce Willis in 'The Expendables 2' rules the box office
Why Utah tops list of most generous US states
Opinion Can Paul Ryan educate voters about Medicare reform?
Romney's attacks on Obama and welfare deemed false by fact checkers
Why Chinese are protesting Japan again (+video)
The great equalizer
Change Agent Arts center helps youths in Bogota shun guns, drugs
Democrats attack Paul Ryan over Social Security privatization
South Korean conservative politician could become first female president
Robert Reich Mitt Romney's 13 percent tax rate is shameful
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: Through the looking glass into the US, and having a blast
Diana Nyad, blown off course by storms, back on track (+video)
'Legitimate rape' comment by GOP's Todd Akin shakes up Missouri Senate race (+video)
US general talks with Afghan officials about attacks on NATO personnel
Modern Parenthood Mars time: One family lives by the Martian clock
Terrorism & Security UN observers pull out of Syria as Western intelligence work ramps up
Why Curiosity zaps Mars rock with 30 laser blasts (+video)
Myanmar ends censorship on media publications
Tony Scott: Maker of action films, including 'Top Gun' (+video)
Gu Kailai, Bo Xilai's wife, gets suspended death sentence for British businessman's murder (+video)
Mitt Romney campaign rebukes Akin's 'legitimate rape' remark
The Reformed Broker Facebook stock: the biggest Ponzi scheme in history?
iPhone and Android apps to help you do some good