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Monitor Articles for August 19, 2012

The Simple Dollar It's all in the neighborhood
For a moment, at least, presidential campaigns get back to issues
Global News Blog What do Yemenis want from the West? Whitening strips, for one thing.
Robert Reich Faux populism, and a renewed appeal to the 'hardworking taxpayer'
Another NATO soldier killed by Afghan comrade-in-arms
Dip diplomacy: Japanese activists swim to disputed islands, raise flag
US government and politics no longer run by WASPs. Does it matter?
Sudan's struggling government loses top officials in plane crash
The Reformed Broker Bloggers riff on similariites between the music, investment 'biz'
The Monitor's View Japan-China island clash: Peace in a common history
62-year-old woman swimming strong in her attempt to cross the Florida Straits
Yemeni militants hit back, leaving more than 20 dead
Vacationers ordered to evacuate Idaho resort as wildfire presses closer
Before tough week of campaigning, Mitt Romney attends church
Assange: US may be holding one of 'world's foremost political prisoners'
Syria's Assad emerges in public to mark Eid al-Fitr
10 suspected militants killed by US drones in Pakistan