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Monitor Articles for August 18, 2012

Layoffs, pay cuts. Troubled firm? No. 'The Tonight Show.'
In Gear GM reorganization aimed at eliminating 'fiefdoms'
The Circle Bastiat Cooking as entrepreneurship
Robert Reich Will Romney's veep choice help focus the rhetoric on 'big issues?'
Family pushed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno to read Sandusky report
Paul Ryan: why taking Medicare message to Florida wasn’t a risk
What if US rockers were convicted of ‘hooliganism’ like Russia’s Pussy Riot?
Obama’s DREAM Act-lite runs into more trouble as Nebraska, Arizona go rogue
Pussy Riot sentence: How did it play in Russia?
For Romney and Obama, it all comes down to ‘the persuadables.’ Are you one?
Obama renews call for aid to halt teacher layoffs
Progress Watch In Somalia, optimism rises
Where’s Romney’s Ryan ‘bounce’? Polls give weak report
Keep Calm Good Reads: Volcanoes, guillotines, and the key to happiness